Paris – Brest – Paris

Since 1931, the Audax Club Parisien has organized the most important long distance riding : PARIS-BREST-PARIS Randonneur.

This organization gathers more than 6000 people every four years from the Yvelines for a week of cycling throught the Beauce, the Perche, the Normandy and the Brittany. With more than 60 nationalities and only a third of French riders, it is the most international gathering of Randonneurs.

The 1200 kilometers and more than 10000 meters drop seems to be inaccessible… but thousands of people accomplished their dreams, kilometer after kilometer. For some of them, it will be an objective to finish with the minimum time. But for the majority, it will be a great moment of conviviality and discovery with the company of others Randonneurs from around the world. The maximum delay of 90 hours allows everyone to experiment theses unforgettable moments.

Download the information / qualification diagramme of PBP 2015.


Paris – Brest – Paris 2019


Paris – Brest – Paris Historical Site: Charles Terront (9 April 1857 – 31 October 1932) was the first major French cycling star. He won sprint, middle distance and endurance events in Europe and the United States. In September 1891 he won the first Paris–Brest–Paris cycle race, which at 1,196 kilometres (743 mi) was more than double the length of any previous event.


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