Country Code Year ACP homologation n° Organizer Organizer ACP Club Code Meeting Point Date of Meeting (dd/mm/yyyy) Team Name or Number Forename of the Rider Captain (C) Woman (F) Start Place Start Date  (dd/mm/yyyy) Local Start Time (00:00) km ridden at the end of the 22nd hour km ridden at the end of the 24ndContinue reading


Finisher’s Name 100KM 200KM 300KM 400KM 600KM Total Mileage Ridden (KM) Rudy Ahmad   04:20   09:56 09:45 16:21   18:50   26:39 31:20 2423.4 Tan Cheong Weng   04:41   08:39 11:57 14:28 20:59   1604.8 Mohd Hafidz Bin Karim   04:12   11:01   17:00   21:48   30:34 1604.6 Cindy Yaw  Continue reading “AUDAX PERMANENT VIRTUAL CHALLENGE 2021”

Export Resultats HOMO. NO. LAST NAME FIRST NAME TIME 266983 A. GHANI Zahari 19:58 266984 AB HAMID Muhammad Azham 19:56 266985 ABDUL AZIZ Mohd Shahril Nidza 17:11 266986 ABDUL JABAR Noorazni 16:41 266987 ABDUL MANAP KHALID Fayzal 16:52 266988 ABDUL RAHMAN Mohd Razali 18:49 266989 ABDUL RAZAK Mohd Fazly 19:32 266990 ABDULLAH Mohammad Asyraff 17:11Continue reading

Export Resultats HOMO. NO. LAST NAME FIRST NAME TIME 782465 A RAHMAN Amir Jafri 13:00 782466 A SHUKOR Ahmeed Faaeez 12:28 782467 A. GHANI Zahari 13:30 782468 A. RAMASAMY Krishna Kumaran 08:06 782469 A’ALAUDIN Hishamudin 12:15 782470 AB GHAFAR Intan Syarina 11:41 782471 AB RAHMAN Jamalludin 08:43 782472 ABD AZIZ Karimah Hanim 11:25 782473 ABDContinue reading

100TH ANNIVERSARY EVENT POLYESTER T-SHIRT [UPDATES 28 August 2021] Congratulations to all the BRM200 Finishers!We have more than 200 finishers to date! These special centennial medals are very limited worldwide (many countries are trying to get but ACP does not produce 2nd batch) and selling fast now! Medals will be sold on a first comeContinue reading

The Tandem Randonneurs

“Malaysia’s First Visually Impaired Cyclist who completed BRM200” Tan Boon Kiat (BK) was the first visually impaired person (VIP) in Malaysia to complete the Audax 200.  He was captained by Samantha Richards (Sam), from the UK.  In 2016, BK took up cycling as a hobby with other VIPs.  They met in 2018 when she volunteeredContinue reading “The Tandem Randonneurs”