Malaysia Book of Record 2018“The Longest Non-stop Cycling by A Group” On September 14, 2018, 107 cyclists had participated in the first Longest ride (1005km with 9200m elevation) organized by ARM and the team was certified by Malaysia Book of Records with the title “Longest non-stop cycling by a group”.

Malaysia Book of Record 2021 “Youngest Autistic Super Randonneur” Ahmad Uzair Ahmad Shauqi who is autistic started cycling around his housing area and progressively increased his cycling distance. The longest cycling adventure he had ever recorded was 600km within 40 hours (Audax BRM600 – Merdeka Challenge).For this remarkable achievement, Uzair has been listed in theContinue reading

Download the information / qualification diagramme of PBP 2015. Paris – Brest – Paris Historical Site: Charles Terront (9 April 1857 – 31 October 1932) was the first major French cycling star. He won sprint, middle distance and endurance events in Europe and the United States. In September 1891 he won the first Paris–Brest–Paris cycle race, which at 1,196 kilometresContinue reading

Timing BRM200 (Pink Ride 4.0 &OPEN BRM)

Updated 9th May 2021 Last Name First Name Elapsed Time A Rahman Amir Jafri 13:00 A Shukor Ahmeed Faaeez 12:28 A. Ghani Zahari 13:30 A. Ramasamy Krishna Kumaran 8:06 A’alaudin Hishamudin 12:15 Ab Ghafar Intan Syarina 11:41 Ab Rahman Jamalludin 8:43 Abd Aziz Karimah Hanim 11:25 Abd Hamid Mohd Zaini 12:21 Abd Karim Shamsul BahrinContinue reading “Timing BRM200 (Pink Ride 4.0 &OPEN BRM)”