Super Randonnées are permanents which are organized, verified and validated by Audax Club Parisien. They are located in mountainous areas.

The length is about 600 km and the total amount of climbing is over 10,000 m.
At registration, each rider selects to ride a Super Randonnée either as a Tourist or as a Randonneur.
– Tourists have to complete the ride at a minimum average of 75 km per day.
– The time limit for Randonneurs is 60 hours.


Super Randonnées are open to any amateur cyclist regardless of cycling affiliations. Any rider under the age of 18 must have the consent of a parent or legal guardian. Any form of human-powered vehicle is acceptable. Riders are allowed to ride either alone or in a group. Each rider must be self-sufficient. Support vehicules, even occasionally, are totally forbidden, on the course and at the control places.

Each rider is considered to be on a personal ride. ARM does not accept responsibility for any accidents that may occur during a Super Randonnée. The rider must ride in accordance with all applicable traffic regulations and obey all traffic signals. Riders must follow the route of the Super Randonnée. ARM provides a detailed cue sheet indicating the location of the control places and GPS-files. Bikes must be equipped with front and rear lights attached firmly to the bike. During hours of darkness or other low-light conditions (rain, fog, etc.), lights must be turned on and a high-visibility vest must be worn.

Those riding as Randonneurs and finishing in more than the allowed time will be homologated as Tourists, provided they have validated all controls and observed the present rules. After the ride, participants must return their SR card to ARM. The SR card will be returned to the rider after it has been verified and a homologation number has been assigned. Homologation numbers are issued in chronological order, including both Tourists and Randonneurs. The list of the homologated riders will be posted on the ACP Web site in chronological order. Super Randonnées are not competitive events. Riders are not classified by performance.

It is expected that those riding a Super Randonnée agree that their name will be published by the ACP. In any case, their identities will not be used for commercial purposes and will not be transmitted to third parties.