Super Randonnées are permanents that are organized, verified and validated by Audax Club Parisien. They are located in mountainous areas.

The length is about 600 km and the total amount of climbing is over 10,000 m.
At registration, each rider selects to ride a Super Randonnée either as a Tourist or as a Randonneur.
– Tourists have to complete the ride at a minimum average of 75 km per day.
– The time limit for Randonneurs is 60 hours.


Super Randonnées are open to any amateur cyclist regardless of cycling affiliations. Any rider under the age of 18 must have the consent of a parent or legal guardian. Any form of human-powered vehicle is acceptable. Riders are allowed to ride either alone or in a group. Each rider must be self-sufficient. Support vehicules, even occasionally, are totally forbidden, on the course and at the control places.

Each rider is considered to be on a personal ride. ARM does not accept responsibility for any accidents that may occur during a Super Randonnée. The rider must ride in accordance with all applicable traffic regulations and obey all traffic signals. Riders must follow the route of the Super Randonnée. ARM provides a detailed cue sheet indicating the location of the control places and GPS-files. Bikes must be equipped with front and rear lights attached firmly to the bike. During hours of darkness or other low-light conditions (rain, fog, etc.), lights must be turned on and a high-visibility vest must be worn.

Those riding as Randonneurs and finishing in more than the allowed time will be homologated as Tourists, provided they have validated all controls and observed the present rules. After the ride, participants must return their SR card to ARM. The SR card will be returned to the rider after it has been verified and a homologation number has been assigned. Homologation numbers are issued in chronological order, including both Tourists and Randonneurs. The list of the homologated riders will be posted on the ACP Web site in chronological order. Super Randonnées are not competitive events. Riders are not classified by performance.

It is expected that those riding a Super Randonnée agree that their name will be published by the ACP. In any case, their identities will not be used for commercial purposes and will not be transmitted to third parties.


ACP Rules

ACP Results

International Organizers of Super Randonnées

Australia Mark NEWTON
Austria Ferdinand JUNG
Brasil Roberto TREVISAN
Bulgaria Lazar VLADISLAVOV
Croatia Ares BURSIC
Germany Urban HILPERT
Greece Vagelis TASIOPOULOS
Israel Tal KATZIR
Japan Susumu FURUKUBO
Korea, South Jan BOONSTRA
Malaysia Sam TOW
Norway Jens Glad BALCHEN
Portugal Randonneurs Portugal
Romania Iulian ENE
Russia Valery KOMOCHKOV
Slovenia Simon KRASNA
Taiwan Jack RUAN
United Kingdom John WARD
USA William BECK

*There are about 100 Super Randonnée events worldwide in 2020. If you plan to ride a Super Randonnée event overseas,  click HERE to check out their international events and contact details.


Super Randonnées are not brevets: The rules are different!

IMPORTANT NOTES: A Super Randonnée cannot be counted as participation in, or as credit for another event held in conjunction with the Super Randonnée. It is not a BRM600 and it cannot be qualified for SR2020.

Super Randonnée is a permanent event,  ridden at the initiative of the participant. * If you cannot ride on Feb 14, you can still ride at any time throughout the year (2020 season). There is no checkpoint support/crew in an SR event, riders must be self-sufficient. Support vehicles are totally forbidden, on the course and in the checkpoint. Each rider receives an SR card and a frame badge posted by ACP. Riders are expected to obtain stamps or take photos at designated checkpoints as proof of arrival.


Event Particular

Event Date
On Feb 14, there will be no checkpoint crew in the event. However, we will set up starting and finishing point (with finishers’ backdrop) in Simpang Pulai (exact location to be confirmed).

Randonneur Option (60 hours):
Start time: Feb 14, 2020 (Fri – 6:00am – 9:00am)
Finishing time: Feb 16, 2020 (Sun – 6:00pm – 9:00pm)

Tourist Option (avrg 75km/day):
Start time: Feb 14, 2020 (Fri – 6:00am – 9:00am)
Finishing time: Feb 21, 2020 (Fri- total 8 days)

** if you choose to ride as Randonneur but you cannot complete in 60 hours, you will still be homologated as Tourist once you finish the ride. However, Only the SR ridden in the Randonneur option will be accepted to validate the Randonneur 10000 award.

Total Distance

Time Limit
60 hours (Randonneur)
75km/ day (Tourist)

*This is a Permanent event sanctioned by Audax Club Parisien (ACP).


Route & Controls

Starting / Finishing location
Simpang Pulai (exact location to be confirmed later)

Draft Route – click here.

Checkpoint location to be updated soon. There will be no crew at each checkpoint – riders are requested to get stamp from local store / take photos as proof of arrival.


Entry Fee & Entitlements

Entry Fee
RM-85 / participant
RM-100 for on-site registration (on Feb 14, 2020)

Register Here!

The registration fee includes:

  • Participation in Super Randonnée 2020;
  • ACP Frame badge;
  • ACP Control card;
  • Participants’ Certificate (give out during registration at starting point)
  • Finishers’ Certificate (name and completion time printed on certificate and presented during year-end ceremony);
  • Result published in ACP website;
  • Homologation sticker posted by ACP.


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Homologation by ACP

In December, the ACP publishes the SR results on the ACP Website and sends by post to the Organizers (or to the Representatives) the ACP homologation stickers with the homologation numbers. Those stickers will be pasted in the cards. Therefore, the Organizers must retain the riders’ cards until the stickers are received. When the stickers are pasted in the cards, the cards will be returned to the riders.
An SR is homologated by ACP once the results are published on the ACP Website and once the stickers are sent. However, in order that the applications for the Randonneur 10000 can be sent in time, the Organizer (or the Representative) can indicate to the R-10000 applicants their future homologation number.

Super Randonnée is an international permanent event. Finishers will be homologated by ACP and names will be published in ACP website. At the moment we have no Super Randonnée in Malaysia yet. This is our first SR event so come challenge this and make Malaysia Randonneurs proud in the worldwide result!

Notes for Audax Randonneurs Malaysia (ARM) Committee

Each year, ARM will send results of all SRs (in a single submission) to ACP before October 31.

A results spreadsheet will be provided (Excel or similar).
There is one results spreadsheet per SR. In the spreadsheet, one line of text per rider.
In the order of the columns:
A. homologation number (assigned by the ACP)
B. start date (dd/mm/yyyy)
C. FAMILY NAME, Name (ex: MATTER Sophie)
D. F (for woman)
E. riders club (ex: Audax Club Parisien)
F. riders country (ex: France)
G. ACP club code (ex: FR-750128)
H. Randonneur / Touriste
I. Special bikes (recumbent, tandem, singlespeed…)
There is no need to return the completed cards to the ACP.
The ACP retains the right to ask for a digital copy of the completed cards, with the control photos. Irregularities may result in the non-homologation of the riders.
In case of a new SR, the ACP will always ask for a digital copy of the completed cards, with the control photos.

ARM receives the applications for his or her Super Randonnée.
ARM to maintains a list of the registrations and issues an entry number to the riders, chronologically by registration date. There is only one numbering for Randonneurs and Tourists. The entry number must be noted on the SR card.
ARM must provide the entrants with a detailed cue sheet (road book). Cue sheet and photo document can be either printed or electronic.
ARM gives to each entrant an SR card with the rider’s information noted in the card and an SR frame badge.
After each ride, ARM must check the riders card, control photos, and (in the Randonneur option), the time of passage noted in the card by the rider for all controls, including start and finish. The start and finish date and time must be noted in the card.
If everything is correct, ARM marks the box Randonneur or Tourist, and notes the time, if the SR has been ridden in the Randonneur option.
ARM retains the completed cards until the ACP homologation stickers are received.