What is a “Permanent”?

Permanents are Audax routes that may be ridden on any date, usually by individual riders or small groups. By their nature they will be unsupported, and cannot be used for PBP qualification or any other award validated by ACP.

However they provide a flexible alternative for people whose schedule makes it difficult to ride Audax Randonneur Malaysia’s calendar events.

Typically they can be started from any control along the route. In these events, the “controls” are predesignated places where a rider will stop and collect evidence of passage such as a shop receipt.

The minimum average speeds for road Permanents (including stops) are:
•15 kph for events up to 699 km
•13.3 kph for events 700 to 1299 km
•12 kph for events 1300 to 1899 km
•10 kph for events 1900 to 2499 km
•200 km per day for events over 2499 km
The closing time for intermediate checkpoints and to complete a permanent is calculated by applying the minimum average speed on a pro rata basis.
As an example, a 225 km calendar brevet (ACP homologated) must be completed within 13 hr 30 min despite the extra 25 km; it is a fixed maximum time. A successful 225 km road Permanent can take up to 15 hours (225 km/15 kph = 15 hours). Conversely, a 200 km road Permanent must be finished within 13 hr 20 min (= 200 km/15 kph). The normal maximum speeds apply.

Permanents that are being offered are ‘fixed route’ brevets; that is, each route has a specified course and specified start, finish and intermediate checkpoints (but not necessarily a specific address).

These brevets are not internationally recognised and are not qualifiers for international rides (e.g. Paris-Brest-Paris) or international awards (e.g. Audax Club Parisien’s Randonneur 5000 award).


Entry Fee: There is an Entry Fee of RM50/rider for all Permanent Rides, which is payable to the Audax Randonneurs Malaysia. Riders who complete the Brevet will receive a medal and certificate of completion issued by the club.
Once payment made, please send an email to with payment slip, riders’ full names, route name and planned date for the ride. All Permanent participants are required to submit individual Stava or equivalent recorded file to the Club with receipts, photos or any other acceptable proof of passage as agreed with the club.