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๐ŸšฒTranspeninsular LRM1300๐Ÿšฒ


Official Route: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/38678953

Starting / Finishing Point: D&F Boutique Hotel, Seremban 2


Flag-off time: 6:00 AM on Wednesday (23/3)

LRM Card collection and Bag-drop service: D&F Boutique Hotel, Seremban 2
Tuesday evening (22/3) : 8:00PM – 10:00PM
Wednesday morning (23/3) : 4:00AM – 6:00AM

* BAG DROP SERVICE: you will be given a bag drop sticker during the collection of LRM card. If you need the service, please write your full name and contact number on the sticker, and which Checkpoint you want us to send the bag to (CP3/6/9 only). Please put the sticker on your bag. STRICTLY no plastic bag and luggage. The fee is RM20/ bag for each checkpoint.


*Mandatory Covid Self-Test*
All LRM1300 participants are required to perform a self test before the LRM card collection. Please bring along your test kit result to show to the crew before collecting the LRM card. Self test kit is available for sale at the collection point for RM20/pc.

Parking – The hotel car park is only for hotel guest. There are plenty carpark space at the shop lot area beside the hotel. Please do not block any car workshop and please park at proper parking lots.


LRM finisher medal – All medals are pre-order from France. LRM medals can only be purchased by LRM finishers for RM75/each.


Shower/ Sleep area at selected checkpoint –
CP 3- KM289.1 Slim River: Please book your own hotel room in Slim River or you may proceed riding further and plan your own stay. If you plan to sleep at the checkpoint, you can get a sleeping mat from the crew. A public washroom is available 400m from the checkpoint.

CP 6- KM537.3 Gua Musang: We have 3 homestay chalet in GM Villa (12 rooms and 6 bathrooms) for you based on first come first serve basis. We will provide extra sleeping mat. (all sleeping mats will be sanitized before reuse for other checkpoints)

CP9- KM898.5 Kuala Dungun: Please book your stay at DGN Point Homestay. Dormitory is available for RM20/pax. Contact homestay owner to reserve 018 777 0058.


๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽ‰Post-ride celebration โœจ๐ŸŽ‡๐ŸŽ†

Join us at the hotel for the post-ride celebration! Meal will be served from 6pm – 9pm.

See you soon!

Dear all,
After much deliberation and reflection, ARM has decided to POSTPONE LRM1300 to the next season in 2021. This has been a tough decision to make especially when we see some of you have started training for LRM1300. Riders’ safety is our priority, we decided not to take the risk as the C-19 cases are increasing. Moreover, authorities nowadays are keeping an eye on cyclists and we want to avoid any issue that will affect the whole cycling community. Please bear with us and we believe the situation will be over very soon and we shall see each other on the road again!

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Event Date
March 23 (6:00am)(Wed) – March 27 (6:00pm)(Sun)

Total Distance

Time Limit
108 hours

*This is an official randonneur event sanctioned by Les Randonneurs Mondiaux (LRM)


Starting / Finishing location

D&F boutique hotel seremban 2

๐Ÿ“ No 125 Persiaran S2 B1
Seremban 2
70300 Seremban N.S.

Route – click here.

Further detail will be updated soon.


Registration is now open! Limited slot for 150 local and international Randonneurs only!

Registration: Yes! I am ready for the challenge!

Entry Fee
RM-450 / participant

The registration fee includes:

  • Participation in Transpeninsula Malaysia 1300;
  • Audax Malaysia Sam Browne reflective belt;
  • Audax Malaysia document pouch;
  • Transpeninsula Malaysia 1300 – frame number and stickers;
  • Transpeninsula Malaysia 1300 – Official LRM brevet card;
  • Transpeninsula Malaysia 1300 – Official event T-shirt;
  • Transpeninsula Malaysia 1300 – Participation souvenir plaque;
  • Transpeninsula Malaysia 1300 – Photos downloadable on the ARM website;
  • Shower / sleep area at selected checkpoint;
  • Technical and medical support at selected checkpoint;
  • Finishers’ Certificate (name and completion time printed on certificate and sent to your address);
  • Meal at the finishing point (10am – 7pm, Nov 01,2020).

Other services and merchandise:

  • Bag drop service:        RM20/Checkpoint
  • Event jersey:                RM255
  • Finisher’s medal:         RM – TBA (to be confirmed with LRM)
  • Emergency support:   Price may vary depends on the location of pick up (DNF).

The costs of food, sleeping and repatriation in case of DNF, are the sole responsibility of the participants.


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1.1 Only Les Randonneurs Mondiaux (LRM) has worldwide sanctioning authority for Randonneur cycling events of 1200 km and above, excepting the Paris-Brest-Paris 1200km. LRM registers all such brevets. Each brevet receives a homologation number. These are assigned chronologically based on time of receipt.

LRM website: https://www.randonneursmondiaux.org/

2020 Calendar click HERE.


2.1 All LRM events of 1200 km or more shall appear in the official ACP and/or LRM calendars of events published at the beginning of each year. The calendar of LRM sanctioned events will also be published on the web site of LRM, currently at
randonneursmondiaux.org and in the bi-annual PRESIDENT’S LETTER to all RMR’s.

2.2 All events of 1200 km or more to be submitted for homologation by the President of RM will be accepted only if submitted by the RMR of the country.

2.3 LRM medals must be ordered by the country RMR at the end of the event.


3.1 These brevets are open to any amateur cyclist regardless of his or her cycling affiliations and covered by insurance. Any rider under the age of 18 must have the consent of his or her parent or legal guardian in order to take part.

3.2 To participate in an LRM brevet a rider must complete a registration
form and pay a registration fee set by the event organiser. A waiver of liability must be signed.

3.3 Each rider must be covered by liability insurance, either by a group policy or by a personal policy.

3.4 Any form of human-powered vehicle is acceptable. The only stipulation is that the vehicle must be powered solely by the rider.

3.5 During the event, each rider is considered to be on a personal ride. The rider must ride in accordance with all applicable traffic codes and obey all traffic signals.

3.6 LRM, event organisers, and the RMR and his/her association cannot and do not accept responsibility for any accidents that may occur during the course of a brevet.

3.7 For night riding and at any other times when poor visibility conditions exist (eg rain, fog etc) riders must be equipped with lights and reflective gear deemed necessary by the legal requirements of the jurisdiction or jurisdictions through which the event travels.

3.8 LRM recommends that for night riding all riders wear:
(a) a reflective vest, sash, Sam Browne belt, or something similar that clearly places reflective material on the front and back of the rider and
(b) ankle reflectors.

3.9 Lights must be fully functional at all times (Spare lights are strongly recommended).

3.10 Any violation of these night riding rules may result in the immediate disqualification of the rider.

3.11 Each rider must be self-sufficient. No follow cars or support of any kind are permitted on the course. Personal support is only allowed at checkpoints. Violation of this requirement may result in disqualification. Riders who wish to have a support vehicle (even for only one control) must specify it at registration. Riders can meet their support vehicle only at the checkpoints and within 5 km from the checkpoints.
Both the rider and the driver of the support vehicle must sign a solemn pledge whereby they assert having been informed about the authorized level of support that can be provided to the rider, that the support crew will comply with the present regulations and that noncompliance is subject to penalties.
3.12 If the organiser creates groups at the start, then, as everyone rides at his or her own pace, a rider may leave the group at any time. No rider can be considered as a group leader. All distinctive signs (e.g. jersey, armband,etc.) or title (e.g. road captain) are not allowed.

3.13 All riders are required to conduct themselves in a civil manner and abide by all applicable vehicle codes, laws, and regulations.

3.14 All riders are required to respect local customs with regards to decorum.

3.15 At the start, each rider will receive a brevet card specifying the location of and time limits for the checkpoints, and route information by GPS tracks or similar and/or traditional cue sheet indicating the route. Riders must stay on the route. If a rider leaves the route, they must return to the route at the same point prior to continuing, i.e., no shortcuts or detours from the route, unless specified by the organiser.

3.16 Riders must stop at each checkpoint to have their card stamped.

3.17 Organisers may also include unannounced checkpoints along the route. This assures that everyone will stay on the prescribed route.

3.18 The organiser must use brevet cards that are acceptable to LRM.

3.19 Organisers may have checkpoints with no member of the organising staff present. At these checkpoints riders must get their brevet card stamped at a local establishment that the organiser specifies as a checkpoint, such as a grocery store or gas station. Checkpoint information to be noted on the brevet card includes the time and the date of passage. Other equivalent methods of verification of passage may be acceptable if agreed with the local RMR, e.g. shop, ATM receipts or photograph with an identifying landmark.

3.20 For unmanned checkpoints where no means of getting a stamp is available (arrival in the middle of the night for example), the rider may either (1) mail in a postcard with the checkpoint information (time, date, full name of the rider, and the rider’s club affiliation) to the brevet organiser; or (2) write into their brevet card identifying information from a predetermined landmark or sign; or (3) or photograph with an identifying landmark at the checkpoint also noting the time and the and the date of passage. When the rider mails a postcard, the rider should mark his brevet card in the space provided for the checkpoint: PC, with the time and date the postcard was sent. The organiser has the discretion to determine which option is to be allowed for a given checkpoint. Other methods of verification of passage may be acceptable if agreed with the local RMR, e.g. shop or ATM receipts.

3.21 Opening and Closing Time of the Controls: Passage of the participants within the schedule of closure indicated on brevet cards is compulsory for every control. Opening hours will be also indicated but for information only. Only a serious material incident may be accepted as justification for late arrival, and the delay must be recovered at the latest within the next two controls.

3.22 Homologation, DNFs and Failure to Comply with the Time Limits: Whatever the realized time, a brevet ridden in less than 43h32 will not be homologated (this corresponds to an average speed of 28km/h). Riders who abandon must show their brevet card to a controller or another member of the organisation, who will sign it and annotate it with ยซAbandonยป. The abandoning rider has to remove the frame number, but can keep both items, as well as the brevet card.

4 Penalties and Appeals

Audax Randonneurs Malaysia reserves the right to refuse entry to Transpeninsula Malaysia 1300 and to disqualify riders in case of major transgressions. Official controllers will be clearly identified. Any violation of the regulations recorded by official controllers will be penalised according to the following scale.

scale of penalty.jpg

Insofar as possible, riders will be informed of the attributed penalty either immediately or at the next checkpoint. Penalties will be noted in the brevet card. They apply to the overall time only.

Penalties will be cumulated in case of further offenses.

No rider can be stopped because of penalties during the event. It is explicitly stated that riders take part in the event solely at their own responsibility. Any rider passing his or her brevet card to another rider will be disqualified. This action absolves the organizers of responsibility in case of any accident suffered or caused by this other rider during the event.

5 Environment

All riders must respect the environment in the control towns and all over the route of the Transpeninsula Malaysia 1300. Riders will be liable for any damage noted. It is strictly forbidden to litter on the road. Your eco-friendly behavior benefits all riders, and the public image of randonneuring is at stake !

6 Image Rights and Liberties

Riders authorise expressly the organizers of the Transpeninsula Malaysia 1300, or their proxies such as partners and media organisations to use static or moving images on which they may appear and which have been captured during their participation in Transpeninsula Malaysia 1300 for publicity purposes, including promotional material and/or advertising, throughout the world and for the longest period provided by the law, regulations, and treaties in force, including any extensions that may be made to this period. If you object to it, please send us an email (audaxmalaysia@gmail.com) with your name and address.

7 Updating

The Transpeninsula Malaysia 1300 committee reserves the right to modify these Regulations and if needed to decide about eventualities not foreseen in the present Regulations. The Transpeninsula Malaysia 1300 committee can modify the conditions under which the event is run. As far as possible, decisions or possible modifications will be brought to the attention of the participants :
– By Internet (FB group announcement and Website), at the latest three days before the date of the event if a possible cancellation is foreseen.
– or during the event by loudspeaker.


For more pictures, please visit our Facebook group :

DAY 1 : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.653164892654939&type=3
DAY 2 : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.1047598302768284&type=3
DAY 3 : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.659565805101192&type=3
DAY 4 : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.1276151212793569&type=3

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