Frequently Asked Questions

What is Audax Randonneur Malaysia?
Audax Randonneur Malaysia (sometimes referred to as Audax Malaysia) is a cycling club that wishes to promote cycling randonnées à allure libre (at unrestricted speed) throughout Malaysia, according to the model which it created in 1921, and currently governed by the regulations of Audax Club Parisien‘s “Brevets de Randonneurs Mondiaux” (BRM).

Audax Randonneur Malaysia oversees the running of long-distance cycling events in Malaysia, and, using a system of timed checkpoints, validates and records every successful ride.

Can anybody ride Audax Randonneur Malaysia’s events?

What does the word ‘Audax’ mean?
Audax is the Latin word for ‘bold’, and was first used in the context of endurance sports towards the end of the 19th century.

What does ‘Randonneur’ mean?
A ‘Randonneur’ is a person who has completed a recognised 200km / 300km / 400km / 600km / 1000km / 1200km BRM ride.

What does the word ‘Brevet’ mean?
It roughly means ‘certificate’. So it is the card you carry, which gets stamped at controls and finally validated by Audax Randonneur Malaysia as proof of your ride. The word is often also used to describe the event itself ie a certificated ride.

How long is ‘long-distance’?
The distances for Audax Randonneur Malaysia’s events are/will be 200km, 300km, 400km, 600km and 1,000km. (200km is approximately 125 miles)

How non-stop is ‘non-stop’?
The maximum time allowed to complete the ride is measured from the time you set off, to the time you finish. It is up to the rider how he/she manages all breaks, meals, prayers, rest or sleep into the maximum time of the event. So in practical terms this means you have to ride fast enough to generate your own time buffers, especially on the longer events where you will need to rest or even sleep for a while.

This is not as tough as it may sound, as the maximum time limits are quite generous, with this in mind.

What are Audax Randonneur Malaysia events like?
They are NOT races. People ride them more in the spirit of an event like a Marathon, everyone riding to their own limitations with the primary objective to just complete the event. These events were designed to suit everyone, clubmen, time-trialists, recreational riders, cycletourists, ‘born again’ cyclists, young and old, male and female. And you’ll see all sorts of machines – bikes, tandems, trikes, recumbents, and occasionally even stranger things …

Size of entry varies greatly but is typically around 20 starters. Small local events may have just a handful of riders while a few popular events attract 300 starters or more.

The routes typically feature a few fast main roads and a lot of quiet, scenic lanes. Some events are quite hilly, some are extremely hilly, and even the flatter ones usually have one or two challenging climbs. Some events are noted for the quality of home-cooked food and tender loving care supplied along the way. But most are not and can be quite brutal. Self-sufficiency is a highly-regarded quality in Audax Randonneur Malaysia.

On the same theme, ‘support’ for example a following car, motorbike or any vehicle is not allowed along the route. Personal support is only allowed at checkpoints. Any violation of this requirement will result in immediate disqualification.

There are maximum and minimum time limits, which are designed to suit everyone from the fittest of recreational riders, to more occasional riders who have plenty of determination. Each rider carries a ‘Brevet Card’ which is stamped at intermediate checkpoints and at the finish.

What do I get to show for it all?
Every ride completed within the time limit is held by Audax Randonneur Malaysia to be an achievement and is recorded as such in Audax Randonneur Malaysia’s permanent archives. The original brevet card is stamped and numbered by Audax Randonneur Malaysia and is available for the rider to collect, should the rider want the completed Brevet Card back. All uncollected Brevet Cards will be kept by Audax Randonneur Malaysia for a period of 1 calendar year from the date of the event. On some events, the records are also held in the archives of Audax Club Parisien (ACP), which is the world’s oldest-established long-distance cycling organisation. On these events the card is also stamped and numbered by ACP before return.

Successful riders are entitled to buy Finiser Medal/ Medallions for the various standard distances, and some big events have special versions of these as well.

Audax Randonneur Malaysia runs an Awards structure for various combinations of events. For example, someone who rides a 200km, a 300km, a 400km and a 600km in the same season can apply to become a ‘Super Randonneur’.

If I can’t finish for some reason, what happens? Do I get picked up?
Generally, no. Do not expect a ‘sag waggon’ or ‘sweeper truck’ on these events, unless the organiser has said otherwise. Nor can you expect the finish, or any intermediate control, to be manned after the closing time as printed in your brevet card. You would be expected to make your own way back to your transport or directly home. It is common courtesy though, to send a message to the organiser if you possibly can.

Can I claim an extra time allowance for going off-route?
You can try. But you are most unlikely to succeed.

Is it right that lights are compulsory?
Yes. Lights are required if you ride between the times of dusk and dawn.

Are tri-bars allowed?

How do I find out about events?
Audax Randonneur Malaysia is on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/groups/Audaxmalaysia

How do I enter an Audax Randonneur Malaysia event?
Most events will have an online registration form on this website or via facebook.

Entry must be made using this form or one that is textually similar, or the entry may be rejected. Entry fees vary from event to event.

Entry must be made before the respective closing dates of each event – if your entry and payment is received after the closing date it may be rejected.

Also several events have a limit on size of entry – so enter in good time to be sure of a place.

If I join Audax Randonneur Malaysia, what do I get for my membership fee?
For now, Audax Randonneur Malaysia does not plan to have a membership programme or membership fee. All riders who register for any Audax Randonneur Malaysia event will be listed as a rider with Audax Randonneur Malaysia, unless you are already a member of an existing Club du Participant / Rider Club. This may change in the foreseable future.

What kind of bike is best for Audax?
The truth is, anything will do. But make sure it is roadworthy, well maintained and checked over before the start of any long ride.

The most popular type of bike is currently a road bike. Although something at the ‘fast’ end of ‘touring’ is gaining popularity, and some manufacturers now offer bikes badged as ‘Audax’ or ‘Randonneur’, which will have quite a lot in common with a lightweight steel-framed club racing bike while retaining the necessary clearances and brazings for mudguards and a luggage rack.

Do Overseas rides count towards Awards and Championships?
Yes, provided they are registered with the RM (Randonneurs Mondiaux, the world-wide randonneur movement). That is, they must appear in the Calendar published annually by Audax Club Parisien (ACP).

But you will have to take positive steps to claim them, ie you must inform the Audax Randonneur Malaysia committee that you have done these rides, and give appropriate proof – because Audax Randonneur Malaysia does not automatically get notified of results by other organisations.

How often does Audax Randonneur Malaysia compile records?
Audax Randonneur Malaysia’s records are currently compiled on an annual basis. So in the case of those awards which can span more than one season, that is, most of the ‘Brevet Series’ and also the Ultra Randonneur, you must make a claim and substantiate it.

I can get round a 200km in 9 hours – why should I carry lights?
Anything could happen to delay you. Serious equipment problems – stripped freewheel blocks are a favourite, or snapped cranks. People have been known to fall off, go to hospital, have stitches, carry on and still finish in time!

Minimal lighting, a small rear LED light and a modern compact front light, weighs very little and doesn’t take much space. It’s a sensible insurance.

Why does it take so long for my brevet card to be returned?
Your card has to be scrutinised and validated by Audax Randonneur Malaysia and sometimes ACP, France.

First, the event organiser has to collect together all the cards at the end of an event, sort them into some sort of order, compile a results sheet and a financial returns sheet including payment for any medals. All this is then securely transmitted or posted to ACP.

During busy seasons, there could be many events to process. At Audax Randonneur Malaysia, each card is individually scrutinised for missed or out of time controls. It is then awarded a unique Brevet Number. Some results will have to be forwarded to Audax Club Parisien in France for another validation process. ACP generate their own Brevet Numbers and their own stickers which are attached to the cards.

Now the cards can be parcelled up along with the medals and returned to the organiser. The organiser must now sort the cards into their individual sae’s (if necessary), checking each one for a medal request and enclosing as necessary, and post them back to the riders. Though we highly recommend the self collection of items in KL.

This chain of events is laborious enough, but often what really slows things down is that one or other link in the chain will be on holiday.

I rode an Audax Randonneur Malaysia event months ago but it still doesn’t show in my Results page. What do I need to do?
There are a number of reasons why results might not appear promptly.
The first thing to do is to check the Events Results page or facebook wall.

If the event does not yet appear on this list (which is arranged in date order) it means that the event has yet to be processed through Audax Randonneur Malaysia’s system. The delay may be down to the Organiser or the Validation team, but never fear, it will be published eventually.

When the event does appear, click on it to see the list of names who are recorded as having completed the event.

In the unlikely event that your name does not appear at all, let the Event Organiser know and copy any correspondence to the Validation Secretary.

Make sure you mention your contact details and the event number (15-xxx or 16-xxx) if you know it, or the date, the start location and the distance.

I’m in dispute with an Organiser, what do I do?
Please correspond with the Audax Randonneur Malaysia committee. Expect any response to take some time, as it might be something that needs to be discussed by the Committee.

I’m in dispute with the Validation Secretary, what do I do?
VERY occasionally the Validation Secretary might refuse to ratify a ride for some reason. To be realistic, this is the end of the line – he has absolute authority. But you can try appealing to the Organiser of your ride who can then take it up with the Audax Committee. It has been known to work. But usually it doesn’t.

I’m in dispute with a fellow rider, what do I do?
It’s a private matter although it may involve Audax Randonneur Malaysia if insurance is in question. In the worst cases of any dispute with fellow members or officials, there is a risk that you could lose your “membership”, as Audax has a clause requiring a member to be ‘a person of goodwill’.

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