DEC 30, 2017 – BRM400 – Malacca the Historical Town

Last BRM of 2017! Toutes nos félicitations to all Malaysian Randonneurs!

Our ARM is on 25th place in ACP BRM points 2016 ranking among all the participated countries, when we had only 2 BRMs. I believe in 2017 ranking Malaysian will be in the top 20 🙂

We sincerely thank all of you for your support. We will see You again in 2018!26114247_10154886466710216_1913911470167741225_n.jpg

Sean Lam

Job done in 2017 Audax with Hubertus Jeremy Sarus Denns B S OngMumtaz Najeeb Alles Nai Chew So Sri Ganesh Chow Chee Han

BRM300 1st Jan 2017 – 1st time joined Audax with Ren Jit Tang Chua HongJie after 6 months cycling 😅

BRM200 Broga – dropped by friend 😤

BRM400 Butterworth – Tough to climb first 200km and suffering in Yan to pull whole team 🤪

BRM200 Fraser – encourage Yeh Poh ChungChristopher Mok Chong Tsongfirst time join audax but I almost cramp in Genting Sempah 😭

BRM600 K. Selangor – knee pain from 100km 😣 luckily helped by others teammate to pull 🤗

BRM200 Simpang Pulai – easy go Gua Musang but hard to back. Take 3 hrs to climb back to Cameron 😖 Bonk!

BRM400 Melaka – Wet Audax ever. Whole body get wet and dirty for 18 hrs 😫. Pull too long till last 10km bonk myself 😵

Conclusion : No matter how strong you are. Mentally more important than physical to complete Audax.
This is not a race. We make friendship and enjoy food and scenery along the journey.
Looking forward to 2018 Audax


BRM400 Malacca was my 2nd BRM after BRM600 in Sept 2017 and now I understand why some people said 400km is tougher than 600km. Thank you Sam and the team for organizing such a wonderful event. Congratulations to all the finishers and for those who failed due to whatever reasons, do try again next time.
Just a short reflection of my wonderful experience in this event. Drove down from KL with another friend in the wee hours on the event date. Weather forecast was unpleasant and we knew its gonna be a challenge to finish the event. We were riding slowly behind other riders because I do not want to push too hard as my friend is a 1st timer in Audax. First hiccup was slight confusion of cue sheet vs strava map before km 28.8 where we decided to turn back and wasted 10km effort. Then, I got to replace my friend’s rear tube in the pouring rain at km65. The rear tube then punctured again just before reaching Segamat and she decided to call it a day. I continue riding solo & fast and missed the 1 CP until someone prompted me when I stopped for a pee. I turned back and wasted another 8km effort. 400km is challenging because the allocated time deprived you from having adequate sleep. The most thrilling part of the entire ride was when riding solo deep into the night passing through palm oil estate’s winding road in pitch-dark and dead silent surrounding . My years of sleeping goose bumps suddenly aroused when I passed by Chinese cemetery at both sides of the road. The sudden injection of adrenaline were felt thru my veins. LOL. I managed to reach CP2 Kluang at 10.45pm. After CP2, I met Nigel and Daniel’s group and Nigel invited me to join in. Also met Johan. It was such a nice gesture because without them, I wouldn’t have the courage to ride solo in the pouring rain n thx for the pull. We managed to maintain good speed throughout and completed the event at 7.34am with 3.5 hours to spare. Thanks everyone for the wonderful ride and looking forward to the next event.

It was supposed to be an easy BRM 400. The climb is not as steep as last year Pedu Lake but with no ending rain, strong wind, no ending straight road, you need a strong mental to conquer it. Farhan ZamriAliff Afzan, Zubir and myself DID it with 2 hours to spare. Congrat to Others too who manage to complete it.

Team AKCU wishes to thank Sam and his entire Audax crew for organizing the BRM400 ride…


Ooi Wai Loon added 10 new photos — feeling grateful with Sam Tow.

7 mths did not cycle due to my hand injury, I’m back for the new season starting with BRM400.

Almost half of the time is raining. Bless that I managed to complete the ride within the time frame.

This is the 7 Audax event for 2017. Good ending for the year. God bless.



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