BRM400 RESULT Numéro d’homologation NOM PRÉNOM HEURE Genre(F) 195950 JAMALLUDIN Ab Rahman 25:06   195951 NOORAZNI Abdul Jabar 25:44 F 195952 HASMANIZAM Abdul Majid 25:43   195953 FAYZAL Abdul Manap Khalid 25:28   195954 MOHD RAZALI Abdul Rahman 25:48   195955 MOHAMMAD AFRIZANI Afripin 24:42   195956 YAZID Ahmad 25:31   195957 MOHD HANAFIAH BINContinue reading

Country Code Year ACP homologation n° Organizer Organizer ACP Club Code Meeting Point Date of Meeting (dd/mm/yyyy) Team Name or Number Forename of the Rider Captain (C) Woman (F) Start Place Start Date  (dd/mm/yyyy) Local Start Time (00:00) km ridden at the end of the 22nd hour km ridden at the end of the 24ndContinue reading


Finisher’s Name 100KM 200KM 300KM 400KM 600KM Total Mileage Ridden (KM) Rudy Ahmad   04:20   09:56 09:45 16:21   18:50   26:39 31:20 2423.4 Tan Cheong Weng   04:41   08:39 11:57 14:28 20:59   1604.8 Mohd Hafidz Bin Karim   04:12   11:01   17:00   21:48   30:34 1604.6 Cindy Yaw  Continue reading “AUDAX PERMANENT VIRTUAL CHALLENGE 2021”

Export Resultats HOMO. NO. LAST NAME FIRST NAME TIME 266983 A. GHANI Zahari 19:58 266984 AB HAMID Muhammad Azham 19:56 266985 ABDUL AZIZ Mohd Shahril Nidza 17:11 266986 ABDUL JABAR Noorazni 16:41 266987 ABDUL MANAP KHALID Fayzal 16:52 266988 ABDUL RAHMAN Mohd Razali 18:49 266989 ABDUL RAZAK Mohd Fazly 19:32 266990 ABDULLAH Mohammad Asyraff 17:11Continue reading

Export Resultats HOMO. NO. LAST NAME FIRST NAME TIME 782465 A RAHMAN Amir Jafri 13:00 782466 A SHUKOR Ahmeed Faaeez 12:28 782467 A. GHANI Zahari 13:30 782468 A. RAMASAMY Krishna Kumaran 08:06 782469 A’ALAUDIN Hishamudin 12:15 782470 AB GHAFAR Intan Syarina 11:41 782471 AB RAHMAN Jamalludin 08:43 782472 ABD AZIZ Karimah Hanim 11:25 782473 ABDContinue reading

100th Anniversary Limited Edition JerseyARTIST SERIES RM 285RM 255 For artist Raduan Man, it took a whopping 20 years to complete his masterpiece, Kayangan. Consisting of eight canvases combined together, Raduan actually started work on this piece before the new millennium even began and only recently put the brush down. To strangers, spending two decadesContinue reading

ARM Retro Team Jersey Men / Women Short Sleeve Jersey RM 255 These jerseys are slim fit and made of lightweight fabric which is comfortable and breathable. They are designed for long-distance riding and provide partial UV protection to avoid sunburn. 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex Full-Length YKK Zipper3 Angled Rear Cargo PocketsCuff with Italy fabricContinue reading

Randonneur 1800 Rechargeable Bike LightRM 165 Tested and proven by Malaysia’s long-distance cyclists. Maximum light output of 1800 lumens Long-lasting battery life Brightest mode can be kept on while connected to a power bank, suitable for Audax long-distance rides. Waterproof rating up to IPX6 Type-C charging and discharging design Handlebar & GoPro mount bracket includedContinue reading