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Distance: 440km

Elevation: 2740m

Route: Gua Musang – Lake Kenyir – Jertih –  Jeli


Date: July 28, 2018

Start Time : 7.00am (July 28 – Saturday) – 12.00pm (July 29 – Sunday)

Meet up point/ Finishing point: KFC/Pizza Hut, Gua Musang


Registration details:




Starting Time: 7:00am (Saturday)
Closing Time: 12:00pm (Sunday)
(extended 2 hours due to extra 40km mileage)

Starting Point: Pizza Hut / KFC Gua Musang
Time: 7:00am – 8:00am

CP1: Checkpoint at Roadside (KM 100 – KM 150)
Time: 11:48am – 3:00pm

CP2: Restoran Jenang (KM 171.6)
Time: 12:02pm – 6:24pm

CP3: Jeli Inn (KM 327.0)
Time: 7:51pm – 4:48am

Finishing Point: Pizza Hut / KFC Gua Musang (KM 445)
Time: 6:00am – 12:00pm


Update from Recce team SR Ken Ong

Route Info BRM400 (28 July) Gua Musang:

Summary : Never ending rolling 445km

After ride review :
Tougher than June BRM600 ! Don’t be cheated by the lower total elevation !!!!!

You are crossing “Banjaran Titiwangsa” twice !!!!


OK. If you still interested on this ride, let’s go into details route info.

Start from Gua Musang town Pizza Hut KFC (may waze Gua Idaman Hotel)

Enter to Lebuhraya Kota Bharu – Gua Musang and where the soft climb and rolling start.

KM 20 R&R Gua Musang , Shell

KM 40 Shell

** KM 41.5 Turn Right to Jalan Felda Aring
(Please refill at the “Restaurant” immediate after the junction) ….. 30KM Felda rolling started ….
Beware of cow !!!! Do Not shout or Moooooo at the cow, try to pass them quietly , slow and steady.

Note : KM 60 to KM 115 have no water and food supply ! Do refill before you continue !!!!! (KM71 restaurant always not open according to the truck driver, you may try your luck anyway)

** KM71 Turn Right continue on Jalan Felda Aring.

Rolling – Rolling – Rolling

KM 115 R&R : Kedai Makan Pok Su 0163085703
Please refill and grab some food before you continue !!!!
The boss Pok Su said you may contact him one or two days before the event so that he will prepare food and drink to suit your special request.

KM 127 Shower Point !!!!! Super cold mountain spring !!! ( I Do Not cut the water pipe , trust me !!!)

KM 130 Mountain spring ( not recommended as you experiencing high speed downhill, forget about it)

KM 136 Waterfall (If you expose to hot sun for too long and wish to have some cooling and refreshments !!)

KM 146 Cendul Durian Pulut (should stop and have a try if you are not too rush or chasing podium).

**KM 155 T-junction , turn Left to Jalan 247 ( follow signboard: Sungai Tong / Kota Bharu)

Flat road !

** KM 171.5 T-junction, turn Left to Jalan Kota Bharu – Kuala Terengganu (follow Signboard : Kota Bharu
/ Jertih / Permaisuri)

Immediate left to the T-junction KM171.6

KM 190 Shell
KM 201 General Hospital Setiu
KM 202.5 Petronas
KM 242 Petronas

** KM 253 ” E-Rup Soup Restaurant !!! Turn Left immediate after E-Rup Soup Restaurant to Jalan Pasir Putih – Machang – Jeli , Lebuhraya Timur Barat
(Follow signboard: Laluan Alternative ke Kota Bharu ; Machang / Gerik)

KM 268 Balai Police Banggol Judah
KM 284 River Kelantan
KM 300.3 Petronas
KM 302.5 Shell
KM 313.5 Balai Police Nibong
KM 318.1 Caltex

(opposite R&R Jeli)

KM 332.1 Petronas Jeli

** KM 332.6 Turn Left to D203
(follow signboard : Bandar Jeli / Gua Musang)

KM 332.9 Kilang Zink

** KM 334.3 Cross-junction (with Traffic light) Turn Left to D66 Jalan Sungai Sam – Dabong – Jeli
(Follow signboard : Gua Musang)

KM335.7 Caltex Jeli

** KM 380.7 “R&R Jelawang” Turn Right immediate after R&R Jelawang to D29
(Follow signboard : Gua Musang)

Don’t push after this! 2nd set of climbing begin !!!

KM 381.3 Sekolah Kebangsaan Mempelan Jelawang

** KM 385.6 Turn Right to D29 Jalan
Jelawang – Gua Musang
(Follow signboard : Meranto / Gua Musang)

KM 385.8 Komplex Perkayuan Kelantan S/B

Long climb ……..

KM 400 Peak !!!

Then will be high speed down hill but PLEASE BE VERY CAUTION !!!! Road construction / Road block within 500 meter to 1km during the downhill. Make sure u able to perform emergency brake without losing control !!!!

KM 406 Sekolah Kebangsaan Meranto

!!!!!!! CAUSION !!!!!! KM 415 !!!!! Bridge construction and road closed !!!

We need to cross via a temporary metal bridge (without any guide bar or railing !!!!) Further more , going down and coming up from the metal bridge at least 20 degree grade , sooooooo please get down from your bike and PUSH Over the bridge !!!!!!
I really don’t feel good if cycling activities become swimming activity !!!!!

Be mindful about the big gap between the metal plate especially for those who wearing clip shoe.

Remark : some local guys are setting up their own TOLL on the bridge by collection RM 2 per vehicle crossing, anyhow cyclist DONT need to pay !

** KM 443.6 Cross-junction (with Traffic Light) Turn Left !!!!!!! (Follow signboard Gua Musang)

KM 445.1 T-junction Turn left

KM 445.5 Pizza Hut KFC ( finally you back !!!!)

If you like hills , enjoy the climb, if you don’t, not too bad but you still need to ride.

♡ Do bring more spare tube as the road surface are rough and a lot of plot hole. (also a spare tyre maybe ???)

♡ more rear and front light as we going to ride in dark for 11 hours (8pm to 7am)

☆☆☆ Please give way to Lorry and Truck (especially timber / logging truck !!!!! ) They use to travel in high speed especially evening and night hours

Lastly, this route is Not suitable for beginner !!! Don’t sign up if you are not ready ….. Sorry for telling this…..

Enjoy your ride !!!

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