Riders’ Stories

Darsani Zakaria is feeling accomplished.

I’m not the Superman but I’m the lucky one. I heard about this route before but as far as I remember I never passed by it before.

I was thinking to bring along jacket or atleast wind breaker since Dzul my teammate told me Lojing is very cold with beautiful view. Seriously this time around I didn’t really study the route & weather forecast but totally believed on Dzul story.

We left SP around 4.06am. Keep paddling in the dark is no longer strange for us after few times Audax. To make it short, we had breakfast at Lojing. After left Lojing with smooth like silk downhill, we stopby & enjoy the scenic view. Quickly my brain told me, I have to facing you again later in the afternoon.

My calculation is simple. We must reach Lojing atleast by 3pm then we are safe.

I reached CP1 at 10.08am. Dzul had problem wt his saddle. Actually early morning after 20km he already got mechanical problem wt his RD. I keep paddling average while waiting for him to catchup.
We keep looking a place to perform Subuh prayer & 6.30am we can’t wait anymore, just pray on road side.

At CP1 about 20 minuets later Dzul arrived & keep complaining on his loose saddle. We fixed it, took pic wt Sam, had quick refill then depart. I can see the Sun right on top of our head & while start paddling I recall Dzul’s story before, so where is the cold & nice weather all like ‘Mimpi’ only. But in my mind we still have enough time.

Along the way, I can see others cyclists & familiar faces climbing chasing to the CP1. Some shouting at us, still far ha? Gosh! I can understand the feeling. We just reply, “Almost! ” In my heart, few more hills to go before CP1.

Without mercy I can feel the heat tempreture is shootup extremely hot. My meter showing 140km. We had few stopby to refill & lowered the body tempreture. Can’t imagine how to reach Lojing for another 10km. While I’m day dreaming Dzul keep nagging, “We running of time” let’s go! nanti tak sempat. Guess what, the last 10km to Lojing is like I call it “Killing Field”. That time we have to agreed wt Sam Tow, your speed can low as 7. Along the hell endless crazy hill we keep talking about stupid story & joke to psycho our mind. Lojing is become our Benchmark, reach there means we can finish, so psychologicly we shorthen the distance. At one point Dzul far ahead from me & met him again at km145. I was starving & no snack left, and I can feel my body lack of glucose, luckily supporting car kindly give me 100plus, tht time rm10 also I pay lah. Finally we reach Lojing around 3.30pm. I tot to refill makan there, guess what Dzul keep paddling & said “BHP! ” What!! my anger make me stronger 😆😆. Dzul bought Gatorade while I’m having fried rice at BHP. Taking few chocolate to increase my sugar level. After BHP we never look back, we hit the downhill like ‘Jalan Bapak Aku’ the meter showing easily 50-68 lepas geram. Dzul known as his strong caddencing reached 10 minuets earlier. I was missed one junction & reached 5.20pm main road not far frm Finish area. Keep on paddling, it was started heavy rain & arrived happily at the shop and the crowd cheering me up! 😍😍 Sam & Team Congrats me & give me the cert. I was blur-blur & Sam told me, this is very tough route so we recognized your effort. In my heart, I must be the lucky one. Alhamdulillah (Thanks God).

Congrats to all Finisher. Those who are DNF some of them my closed friends like brothers, never ever look down on yourself. Professional also DNF. Taking this challenge already make you a real Men with strong brave heart!!💪💪💪

Zamri Shaari 

They dont call this the toughest BRM for nothing. I DNF for the first time after completing Audax series this year.
Not enough preparation n taking for granted may contributed to the DNF.
I have accepted the DNF that one need to know one limit esp at my age.
Lucky I managed to flag my support car which pass by after CP1.
We gave lift to other cyclists who were with me who cannot proceed. Infact a few other cyclists did flagged us along the way but my pickup truck already full with two cyclists at the back.
Support car is necessary in time like this despite some said it is so un Audax.
Congrats to those who finish this BRM.
I still enjoyed the ride despite DNF.

Harry Wong  — feeling accomplished with Danny Hung at Restoran Haji Midin Bistro.

9 hrs · Ipoh · 

Audax 2017 brm200 toughest ride (simpang pulai – cameron highland – gua musang – cameron highland – simpang pulai). This route distance is about 203km. Total elevation gain is more than 4500m and time given to complete this ride is 13.5 hours.
I only managed to completed this ride in 18 hours and was sad due to unsuccessful to achieve this title. But i’m blessed to have a safe ride from start to finished. Thank you so much to my cycling buddy Danny Hung. Even thought, we saw many cyclists jumped up to support cars or vege trucks along the 110km till 145km route. Your never die spirit and encouragement have empower and motivated me to keep on pedal till the final base. We know that many dishonest riders completed this ride. Hope on the coming Audax event, ARM can pay more attention to prevent dishonest riders effect the reputation of this prestige cycling event.

JE VOUS REMERCIE to Sam Tow (President of ARM) and committees for your great effort. This is a very very nice and challenging route. Hope ARM will using this route again for their coming BRM events.

Once again Felicitations to all successful randounneurs. You guys are awesome. Keep it up your spirit for the next coming Audax Events.

Victor Chen  — feeling exhausted.


Seow Kong Ng 

2017 -18 New Season

BRM 200km

From Simpang Pulai to Jalan Gua Musang and back.

Elevation gain: 4500m

Touted as Malaysia’s toughest ride for 200km.

Actual distance is 205km.

Actual Time taken: 12h16m 17s

Cut off time: 13.5 hours

The Tough Ride, The Dilemma Ride

Coming a week after 2017 Langkawi Ironman, but 2 weeks before Ironman Western Australia , should this tough ride be a recovery ride or training ride?

Its probably more of the latter as I really need to have quality time with my TT bike.

Some cyclists gave me strange looks, and a few have told me that the TT bike I rode is not suitable for this ride because its too heavy. Even Ray Lee thinks that I am very brave to use TT bike for this ride. Very bad at uphill, and super quick going downhill.

The legs are much fresher than last weekend during the Ironman. It is indeed a tough ride with very long hills very tight cutoff of 13.5 hours. .

Hitting top speed of 69km an hours was just exhilarating.

Many DNFs (50% completed with only 4 female finisher) we suspect as with a time of 12:16:17, I still came in top 20 thanks to stronger mental strength to keep continuing instead of taking too much rest.

Many have support cars and were riding in groups. Some were surprised that I rode on my own without any support car. How do I refuel myself, they asked?

They were asking an ultrarunner who has the answer.

攝騎狂 | photoRIDERS is with Kwan Haw Yang.Like Page





如果你有甚麼當時的心得和心路歷程想要分享的,歡迎留言,我會試著把這些經歷都剪進去,紀錄一下這一次馬來西亞史上難度最高的Audax 200活動。


(管理員 k 留給視頻來記載 報導)


攝騎狂 | photoRIDERSLike Page


昨天和幾位騎士朋友,到場支持和拍攝參加Audax 200的活動。

這是馬來西亞2017年最後一場Audax活動,也是新一季Audax Malaysia 2018年度的第一場活動,據稱,是馬來西亞史上最艱難的Audax活動。


4,700公尺!比東南亞第一高峰-神山(Mt. Kinabalu)的4,095.2公尺的高度,還要高上15%的概念!

據我們全程近身觀察,只有半數的參與者,完成這一次的Audax 200活動;應該也只有一位女騎士騎完全程,堪稱壯烈!


(管理員 k 支援支援就好 報導)


Khaw Sue Chen  — feeling thankful 

11 hrs · 

When the QOM Sherry Wong tells you is extremely challenging & tough, you better listen! When she invites you for this type of crazy ride, is an honour! Thank you very much sis for always encouraging me to move forward & standing by me during my difficult time. To my super amazing new friends, I am speechless by all your act of kindness & humility! Looking forward to more rides together🙏🙏


AUDAX dan Pengayuh

Kisah seorang pengayuh.

Semalam terjumpa satu grup pengayuh tengah siap2 nak balik. Pegi sembang2 tnya kisah kayuhan tadi. Macam biasa, aku suka nak dengar kisah2 kayuhan rakan-rakan sambil bergelak kongsi suka duka. Tapi kali ni tetiba aku jadi tempat luah emosi ketidakpuasan hati pulak.

Teruk juga dikondemnya penganjur.

“Penganjur tak patut buat laluan teruk macam ni. Tengok la dulu..bukan pakai GOOGLE MAP GPS jer..jalan turun tu bahaya…ambulan tak de…water station pun tak de..laluan tak de kedai makan….bayar RM50 bagi habuk…cuba tengok skrg dah pukul 7pm..ada lagi orang dok kayuh tak habis lagi..kita byr ni semata2 utk kayuh aje…cari la sponsor…bla bla bla”, luah hati rider veteran ni.

“Saya bang biasa kayuh setiap 2 jam saya berenti rehat…ni langsung tak boleh nak berenti..” sambung rakan beliau yg agak muda usia.

Aku cuba mencelah, “Ni Audax mmg macam tu bang..self reliance”, kata aku.

“Mana boleh..suruh kita sign kertas mcm tu pas tu tak prepare apa2…rescue car tak de..bla bla”, sambung beliau lagi.

Aku tersengih aje dengar keluhan panjang lebar beliau.

“Sebelum ni dah pernah join Audax?”, aku bertanya utk mensahihkan apa yang aku dengar.

“Inilah 1st time dan last time saya join”, kata beliau.

Ok. Fahamlah aku.

Aku tak mau lah komen pasal penganjur. Aku tak de kepentingan. Cuma selama aku sertai AUDAX bersama2 team kayuhan kami, kami tempuhi kayuhan-kayuhan ini semua dengan rasa keseronokan walau sepahit mana pun. Kami pasti akan pulang dengan cerita2 seronok untuk dikongsi bersama ketika makan nasi bungkus tepi jalan, ketika memandu pulang, malah kami buat reunion utk makan2 bersembang pasal kayuhan lepas. Dan cerita2 seronok ini bukan sebab kami dapat habis kayuh, kami dapat medal atau kami habis top 10 pun. Cerita2 seronok kami adalah apa yang kami tempuhi suka duka sepanjang kayuhan. Kisah terpaksa minum air bukit, pinjam duit kawan sbb duit tertinggal, berak dalam hutan, kisah tayar pancit 4 kali, kisah kena tinggal kawan, kayuh sorang2 tgh hutan gelap, kisah panas terik, kisah kayuh tengah hujan malam, kisah tak dapat tidur…tidur sambil duduk kat masjid yg tak friendly to travellers…itu belum lagi kisah rider kena rompak! Itulah keseronokannya.

Bunyi macam pelik bukan?

So kalau kita rasa kita kayuh ni sebab nak habis kayuh, nak bawak balik medal, nak dapat T Shirt free, dapat beg goodies, dapat masuk majalah cyclist, dapat makan cendol free tepi jalan, nak ada lori sweeper, nak ada standby ambulance dan macam-macam seperti Jamboree MTB atau Century Ride, maka AUDAX bukanlah event yg kita cari.

AUDAX adalah kisah survival dalam kayuhan jarak jauh. Ianya lebih dari kebiasaan. Ia memerlukan anda membuat kerja untuk kayuhan anda. Merancang masa, peralatan, makanan, support, menilai risiko, merancang persediaan fizikal dan mental hingga perlu belajar diet pemakanan, melihat ramalan cuaca dan sebagainya. Perancangan yg memakan masa sebulan malah lebih untuk jarak yang lebih jauh. Bayangkan jika perlu berbahas dengan kawan2 tentang tayar apa yang sesuai, basikal jenis apa, chainring berapa, saddle apa nak guna…untuk sesuai dengan keadaan satu-satu laluan. Malah ada yg gagal hari ini, esok terus beli basikal lain! Pendek kata kita belajar bagaimana menjadi seorang cyclist yg self independent. Bagaimana menjadikan pengayuh dan jentera berhubungan. Tidak semua event berbasikal yang kita boleh lihat cyclist in contact, mesra satu sama lain dan ternanti-nanti untuk kayuh bersama lagi. AUDAX dan Touring event adalah apa yang aku rasai. Yang lain kebanyakannya jenis touch n go.

AUDAX bukan semudah collect goodies hari ini dan terus kayuh esoknya! Dan pulang dengan finisher medal buat koleksi sebagai nilai duit yg dibayar.

Ada beza antara bayar untuk medal dan bayar untuk keseronokan. 😃😃😃

Nota kaki: Gambar hiasa AUDAX600


Nor Muzammil  — feeling frustrated with Nazry Hassan and 2 others at Simpang Pulai,Ipoh ,Perak.

This time dnf again because of short time..climb and climb.. few friends try the best but still cannot catch the COT… Most of them really no more energy and no shop to loading energy.. hope can try the best for next Audax BRM.




19/11 – Audax BRM200 4500m elevation
Time Limit 13.5hrs

I’ve surprised myself yesterday. I went with my mind prep to ‘DNF’ as I didn’t think the time limit against the elevation is realistic but I like the challenge so I thought I will just give it a try. Thank God, I’ve managed to complete in 11hrs 45mins 😇 I’d like to think I’ve climbed one Mt. Kinabalu in the 200km 😆

my water bottle leaked and it ruined the stamp on my cert 😢😢


AUDAX BRM200 – The Toughest !!!
200KM laluan kayuhan yg cukup memberi cabaran mental dan fizikal untuk tahun 2017. Simpang Pulai – Cameron Highland – Lojing – Gua Musang – U-turn.. Alhamdulillah dan t.kasih gbBTR.


Zam Yahaya 

9 hrs · 

Road to Paris-Brest-Paris 2019

DNF my first BRM 200

Its my toughest ride but I did not “bonk”. The route approaching and after the CP1 turning point with a pair of worn out legs was very very tough but I kept pedalling until km 115 albeit an extremely slow climbing speed of 6 to 7 kmh up a dozens of crazy inclines. I kept going hoping to average up my overall speed on the occasional declines. I was expecting the checkpoint will still be open after cut off time of 10.40 am so that I can refill my drinks but I arrived at 11.57 am more than an hour late. But I still have almost a bottle of drink and sipped them slowly and hope that I can reach the spring water at km 121 of which another 6 to 7 km to go and was calculating that at an anticipated of a minimum 13 kmh average speed I would be able to make it to Simpang Kg Raja by 3.30 pm and another 2 hours rolling 56 km downhill back to Simpang Pulai to reach before 5.30 pm cut-off time.

At km 115, I saw two riders gave up and took a shelter at a shack on the other side of the road so I dropped by for a brief shade and asked for some water. When I left them my tyre punctured and I turned back to the shack to replace my tube assisted by the two kind gentlemen. Then when it’s done I don’t know how, my RD pulley jammed. I dismantled it and tried to fix it. I guess the bearing was a gone case. By that time it’s already 2.30 pm and I have wasted one precious hour and have given up the slightest idea that came accross my mind trying to fix it.

I was lucky a 4WD was coming and the driver gave me a ride till Simpang Pulai. I felt like the 4WD suddenly dropped from heaven!

Until now I am still wondering could I have made it to Simpang Kg Raja of which another 27 km if I did not encounter a flat tyre and a jammed RD? Or was it a blessing it does not happen while I was or will be going downhill at 50+ kmh? Or would I be able to pedal faster if both my bottles are filled at CP1?

The only way to know is for me to try this route again with a better preparation and this time with support car to ensure a plenty of supplies at CP1.

And YES, I underestimate the route despite the warning it’s going to be the toughest BRM with a total elevation gain of three century rides combined! Really underestimated it.

DNF my first BRM yet it was an epic and most memorable ride so far!

The memory of riding in total darkness in the middle of the jungle going up Cameron Highlands at 5 am with only the bicycle lamp when the group of strong riders in front left me too far behind while the group behind me were too far away, will last forever! Seram weyyy!!


Disny Liang — feeling motivated.

3 mins · Gua Musang · 

19th of November 2017, 200km with a total elevation of 4500m, nonetheless to say it’s the most difficult and the most brutal ride I’d ever participate in. Honestly I didn’t complete the ride, but every encourage and cheer even a single sign has been my fuel to continue the ride every time I had the thought to give up in the scorching sun, on the wall-steep climb, thanks to those cheers and encouragement. I’m admitted that I’m not fit enough this time but I’m strongly believe that there is no failure except in no longer trying…..let’s do it again in future
这次沒有骑完的兴奋感,却有很踏实的感觉,因为我接受挑战,也很坦然面对失败,明白自己所不能。希望下次再来 。



Audax BRM200 my story

1st thing 1st. i slept 2 hours+ only before wake up at 2am. Attended wedding dinner on Sat. Dizzy and sleepy but still prepare and travel to Simpang Pulai.

4am start with a group of riders. slowly uphill to Cameron. I’ve ride up there a few times there but the experience at 4-6pm is superb. total darkness accompany by starry night. I bet not many did off the lights and look up the sky. Like a millions of diamonds which glows and glows.

7am++ reached the Chocolate shop pitstop. Supercold weather. Downhill towards Kg Raja junction.

On the way down towards Gua Musang, I felt breathless by the scenery but at the same time terrified. One is due to the top speed you can go with that slope. 2nd is when you think you have to climb back the same damn slope. It is crazy really. then later a few hilly route to tackle before reach the checkpoint.

On the way back at 10am, it was mostly toasted ride. I refilled and also took lots of road side stream water to wash down my body heat just to cool down.

The last long stretch up is the worst. It feels like never ending uphill under superhot sun. speed is like 7kmh ave only by the time reach back Kg Raja junction at 3pm.

Lastly with stiff neck, back and sore ass, downhill towards Simpang Pulai. 20km towards the end, a heavy shower wakes me up a bit and reach safely at last at 17:01 after 13hours on the road.

this BRM200 surely sticks to its Title as Toughest route. For me it was by far the toughest things i did for my entire life! Bar none!



ToughAss Audax BRM200, a story of grit, perseverance, friendship and plenty of cursing..oh, emo too 😁

Stumbling upon the ride info being shared here, the idea of climbing 4500m was totally absurd but somehow a few days later it was still lingering at the back of my mind. The ‘jio’ process started, the standard response upon learning the total elevation would be crazy, good luck, have fun, dont die… and finally one said let’s do it and that’s how dumb and dumber was found! Hmm.. wonder who’s dumb and whos the dumber 😂, pengajak or yang diajak? your vote fellow reader.

-The Beginning-
Long story short, we found ourselves at the starting point, unload bike, unload kencing and off we go into the darkness. Short 10km later, with them legs barely warmed up, the climb started. It was a cooling, quiet, and a very dark climb which works in our favor as all you need to do is focus on the beam of your light and cycle away not knowing what kind of hills you’re actually dealing with. For those who dare, you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful starry sky if you switch off your lights.

-Let there be light-
As I was approaching a fellow cyclist around KM30, Mr Hariff’s (if my memory serves me right) light died. He quickly asked if he could tag along as it was total darkness and he cant see much of what’s ahead, so we cycled together til sun comes out where he decided to take a break and wait for his friends. It was getting pretty mind numbing, climbing for so long. This stretch of road is by far the longest non stop climb I’ve done so far. Quickly whip out the phone, turn on Spotify and Metallica, Megadeth, Otto Knows, Tiesto all started blasting thru my phone’s tiny lil speaker. My once steady pace quickly rose, fuelled by the awesome drum solo and bass beats 🤘.

It was getting brighter, and I can finally see how high I’ve climbed. Awesome view of the hills to the left, dreaded climb up in front, took the opportunity to snap some picture as the sun rise behind the hills revealing the snaking road ahead, cantiks! So conflicted, you wana see beautiful hilly road but dont really wana suffer the climb up, such is life. Somewhere along KM40+, found a spot where many fellow cyclist stop for picture opportunity and to take a break. Figured I too should stop and wait for dumber and just enjoy the view while waiting, snapping picture, sipping water and telan roti cheeeeese yang sedapssss. Kawan was only minutes behind, reached, asked for roti cheese and hantam almost all! He had very light breakfast and was starving. So selfie, wefie, met more familiar faces, more wefie, bikefie and off we go. Monte Carlo famous tunnel yo, rempit thru macam Michael Schumacher at Circuit de Monaco 😎.
Dumb and dumber decided to keep pretty much the same pace til breakfast at Lojing.

-Downhill Bombing-
Quick breakfast of nasi banjir dhal and roti jantan, refuel, refill and off we go. Speed was picking up rapidly, less than a minute I hit terminal velocity. Weaving left,right avoiding potholes and being airborne due to bumpy road at 70+ kmh was pretty nerve wrecking. One bump was so bad, my bottle flew out! Brakes on hard, squeal to a stop, ran back up about 20m waving frantically at cars to avoid running over my precious bottle of water only to find that it has cracked open, sighhhhhh 😩. It was one of my biggest worry that day, as I sweat alot and hydration is crucial on that particularly hot hot day, the other worry was rain that was forecasted to fall by late noon, we’ll come to that later.

With one bottle left, I was pretty worried as to how I would make it back, according to the recce info shared there’s no place to buy/refill except a spring water somewhere down the road. At this point, there’s no choice but to continue the hill bombing. Lo and behold, as the road flattens I spotted a stall on my right, made a quick turn and tadaaa 100+, one bottle in the back pocket and another taped to my bottle cage worrying it might drop. Feeling much better, I soldiered on.

-Road to CP1-
HELL!! Hot as hell. Climbs were going at an average of below 10kmh, sweating bullets, barbecued alive as I search for CP1. Hills were relentless, one after another they never seem to end. The view though was amazing, overlooking endless hills, random rivers provides the illusion of a cooling day only to be reminded again of the scorching heat by the mirage on the road. the odometer shows 100km where CP1 was supposed to be but CP1 was nowhere to be found! What.the.fuck!! Where are you CP1? I look to cyclist on the opposite for clues but all I can see on their face was pain and agony, this immediately shifted my thought to what awaits me after CP1.

As the hills grow smaller, I pedal on in search of CP1, finally KM102, CP1. Regrouped with my partner in crime here. Was very thankful that they actually provided us with water, whip out a packet of hydration salt, refill the now empty bottle, chug it down like a pint of nice cold beer, mmmmmm. More hydration salt, filled my bottle to the brim and off we went. The journey back begins.

-Oven : Slow Roast Mode-
By now it’s around 11am, sun is soon to be at it’s highest point. Few km from CP1, we found a shady spot. We decided to take a break here, needed some counter pain for my legs to keep em cramp in check. You know what they say, prevention is better than cure. A pickup truck was parked there too, believed to be some of the cyclist’s support car. They were so kind to offer us a can of coca cola and banana, we told em it’s okay, but they insisted and said ‘we have ice cold coca cola’ I was sold as soon as I hear the word ice. Dont usually condone soft drinks consumption but during times like this, its gift from the gods, then again so is the ridiculously clear sky and hot sun.

Down the coca cola, banana in the tummy and off we go. We were immediately greeted by a heart attack inducing sight of a ridiculously steep climb. So it has begun, averaging at 8kmh. Now it explains the look on the face of them cyclist I saw a moment ago. Put yo head down and pedal on, shut up legs, you can do this, one leg at a time, dont stop dont unclip, keep em wheels spinning.. those are some of the words being kept on replay. Out comes the power gel, followed by a sip of water, even resorting to zigzagging to make the climb ever so slightly easier, risky tho, cars were pretty fast. This went on for about 15km.

We eventually reach a random convenience store, cold 100+, ice, water refill, soaking our ead under a running tap was the best thing ever. Having cooled down properly, off we go, 20km to Lojing, a monstrous climb they say and they sure got that right. We joined a couple of riders going at about the same pace, stopping at shady spot for a quick break and cool down. It was scorching hot, shoe feels like they’re melting. Now its full on mental, ridiculously slow and dumber was shutting down. Contemplating quitting every now and then, constantly in doubt if he could make it. I was constantly updating him on our progress, that seemed to keep him going, knowing that we’re inching our way back to Lojing where the gradient turns in our favor. At one of the break,he passed me his car keys, the idea was that if I get completes first I would come and pick him up, he must’ve neared breaking point. Eventually we were separated as he needed more frequent stop by now.

I eventually arrive at Lojing mamak. Ordered the usual, salt, water and 100+, seems to be popular pick of the day. Sat outside and waited for a friend foolish enough to agree to this ride 😁. Called him twice on the phone, no answer. Few riders have since passed.I would ask them if they saw him but the answers are very vague, I guess everyone is so exhausted they’re probably in zombie mode by now. Getting more and more worried, wondering if he collapsed but hey it was shortlived. Emerging from the hill, off saddle swaying side to side here he comes finally! In style, I might add. The moment he got off the bike, all he wanted to do was to lie down. Took his bike, parked it. Brought him drinks, refilled his bottle, gave some motivational talk and off we went not wanting to let him rest too long and fall into a fatigue induced coma. The last charge! Aroo!

-Wash Away My Pain-
Feeling motivated as there’s only 5km left til the long downhill back to Simpang Pulai, we just whacked it. As I began my descent, emerging once again from ‘The’ tunnel I noticed dark clouds ahead, hoping that I will reach final checkpoint before rain falls. Quickly kept the phone in a ziplock bag knowing that if it does rain I wouldn’t have much time to save my phone.

Here I go, bombing downhill, feeling like a million bucks, looking at the odometer nearing 200. Unfortunately, at around KM170 wind speed picked up, could feel cross wind, scary stuff as cars were passing me and being blown towards the middle of the road. Held on tighter, ever more focused now.

Without warning the sky opened up and started pouring! If you recall, this is my other fear for this ride, rain! Worse when it’s during descend, can’t see potholes, heck can really see much actually. Focus focus focus, be brave and finish it safely I told myself. The rain seems to have a positive effect on me though, legs felt fresh, energy restored, I suddenly find myself attacking them hills, pressing on as though it was start of the ride. Perhaps its the adrenaline, I dont know but surely most welcomed.

As the road flattens, towards the end of the descend with the odometer reading 190km, looking ahead I was stunned. Half blurred vision, yet it caught my attention. Was doing about 50kmh, yet it stopped me in my tracks.

I had to stop, I had to soak it in despite being soaking wet, I was greeted by the most beautiful sunset. This has got to be the defining moment of this entire ride, as the most gruesome ride ends, the most beautiful sunsets. Speechless, this couldn’t have been timed more perfectly. I think there were a few drops of tears, of happiness. Couldn’t have asked for a more perfect end to this awesome, epic, ridiculous, stupendous amazing one heck of a ride.

-The End-


#Audax is not a race. Yet is exciting & unpredictable! Audax200 on 19/11/18 (#SimpangPulai/#GuaMusang/#SimpangPulai) will be an unforgettable day!

I just gotta share this experience! It may be the last time I go on this route unless I am 10 times stronger than today!

This was my least prepared cycling event, as it was a last minute decision to participate! I hardly slept for 2 weeks & was unwell too.

I bared in mind the advice from coach Matt on “Bad preparation, good execution!” Coach Joyette Jopson had more confidence in me than I have in myself was the green light that I had to give it a go!

More so how often do I we get the time to do something crazy to test myself to the limit! I also would like to give daddy the best birthday present!

#AllMalaysianCyclistsMustDo this route at least once in their life time!! It was hell of an experience.

When I stepped into the starting point, a group of strong & dashing male cyclists greeted me with smiles full of respect! I looked around, I was the only lady there! Definitely they were smiling at me. That moment I knew what QOM Sherry Wong warned me on this route was going to be a reality!

As early as 4am we started the toughest BRM200! The climb began almost immediately in the dark & cold! After 20km, it was so cold that I had to stop to refuel my hunger! My teammates were much stronger & were ahead of me! Bearing in mind that I still have 4000 over metres to climb, I paced myself & keep on refueling! I can’t see the road elevation ahead, so I decided to go slow & steady.

At around 7am, darkness started to be replaced with beautiful morning mountainous views that which took away the tiredness in my mind. Sis Sherry was freezing earlier & had to call for a wind breaker!

The strawberry farms were still closed when we passed by! No strawberry! No pee! At 50km, for the first time stopping by a petrol station was like 5 star hotel! After a quick toilet break, refuel & refill, I started to roll again!

But my tummy wasn’t happy without proper meal! Thankfully, at around 60km, there was a mamak stall! There were rice & dishes! Thank God because after this for next 100km there were no more food stall! Happy to have a quick catch up with Vianne & Jason!

From 50km to 100km there was around 30km of exciting decent & 20km of of very tough climb! The deadliest is yet to come! Suddenly the weather turned hot! When I reached check point 1 at 100km, I can barely come down from my bike! A number of cyclists had given up!

My dearest teammates were there waiting for me with food, water & plenty of moral support! I just gotta keep on moving forward! This time when I prayed for rain, I was blessed with blazing hot sun & deadliest gradual elevation from #GuaMusangtoSimpangPulai!

Barely moving at 6km/h, I came down to push my bike barely walking at 4km/h! Every few km, I had to stop to rest! Cyclists were sitting down by roadside, some in big drains & many had boarded their support cars or flagged for help!

When I looked into the beautiful clear blue sky I see my beloved father smiling at me! He was a crazy cyclist who conquered elevation with cheapo bike! I am Chun Kok Khaw‘s daughter! I can & I will make it!

My teammates stopped by to refill & check if I can still move! They reminded me now is time to cycle with my mind! I will at least climb till 150km! I am not giving up!

When I arrived at a small sundry shop, was like walking into Baskin Robins! Teh Edward & C-Elle Thye (Ah Loong) were there! I was so happy to see them though they look like barely moving! I poured myself with water, ice & gulp icey cold water. It was too hot to eat! Then, 3 of us moved on! In a few minutes I lost sight of them. Barely 10km, I had to seek refuge again! The small unseen convenient store was like heaven! I bought coke & ice cream! Then came Edward & Ah Long! Happy that they were still on the crawl!

This time, we were really crawling & I was just crawling a little faster! When my teammates arrive at 130km, more & more cyclists had given up! I feel like prisoner of war! There’s a chance to escape but yet I chose to serve my torturous sentence!

It was so suffering the next 20km that I can’t remember how I made it till 150km back to mamak stall. Just as I thought the deadliest is over, a new challenge begun~ down hill for next 50km in pressed for time to arrive at ending point!

Fatigue started to set in! Weather turning freezing cold & dark! I was falling asleep. Dark clouds replaced the clear blue skies. It was going to rain! I was rolling down at 60km/h!

@170km, I knew for safety reason, I had to stop! I was losing focus! I took my very last powergel & coffee sweet! I urinated at the roadside! Then, I began rolling down hill again! This time under heavy down pour!

Thankfully I know I can do it as sifu Chee Wai Chung has guided me on this route under the same condition in February this year! He reassured me too, though my bike wheels are high profile carbon, is proven & tested to be save in all our weather condition!

Finally, I started to witness the meaning of when the mind got stronger & the will is there, we can do anything! At the last part of the flat road, I was cycling at 30km/h under rain, strong head wind & over a few flooded ground! Thankfully, I am able to remain focused till the ending point!

Last few months of almost daily training by coach Joyette & coach Matt definitely made this ride a success! Thank you very much coach! Especially to my mentor Thomas Ridley & YK Chiam, over the months around the hills, thank you for your patience in guiding me & always ensuring my safety!

As this was a mountain battle & everyone’s fitness is different, I cycled alone 80% of the route! Thankfully there were plenty of moral support from sis Sherry, Hazelyn Kim HTTan YanCorwin WongElwin Yun JingDesmond Tai, Edward, Cinwen Wong & Ah Loong!🙏🙏🙏

Audax to me is all about endurance, fitness, fun, planning & pacing. Above all is the true selfless friendship & teamwork built in the few hours that may last forever!

To Sam Tow & team, thanks again! I had hell of a suffering good time that I will forever treasure!

To my darling Azmi Adil Yazdani, thank you for always supporting my decision & bearing with my extreme hobbies! To my sons, both your discipline & maturity have given me a peace of mind to persue my dreams! Love you all to the bits😍😘

To all participants of this toughest Audax200, you all deserve a 💯 likes & respect! Your cheers had definitely kept me going! My highest respect to a gentleman cyclist who carried so many bottles of water for a lady partner cyclist! Thank you sir for also stopping to offer me water at the toughest point! Your kindness is such priceless lesson in life to many!

To myself, after almost 6 months of rehab & exactly 1.5 years of cycling, for the first time in my life, I am damn #proud of myself! The happiness & joy is simply indescribable! There again, I will #never do this route again, unless I am 10 times stronger than today!


Last BRM of 2017! Toutes nos félicitations to all Malaysian Randonneurs!

Our ARM is on 25th place in ACP BRM points 2016 ranking among all the participated countries, when we had only 2 BRMs. I believe in 2017 ranking Malaysian will be in the top 20 🙂

We sincerely thank all of you for your support. We will see You again in 2018!26114247_10154886466710216_1913911470167741225_n.jpg

Sean Lam

Job done in 2017 Audax with Hubertus Jeremy Sarus Denns B S OngMumtaz Najeeb Alles Nai Chew So Sri Ganesh Chow Chee Han

BRM300 1st Jan 2017 – 1st time joined Audax with Ren Jit Tang Chua HongJie after 6 months cycling 😅

BRM200 Broga – dropped by friend 😤

BRM400 Butterworth – Tough to climb first 200km and suffering in Yan to pull whole team 🤪

BRM200 Fraser – encourage Yeh Poh ChungChristopher Mok Chong Tsongfirst time join audax but I almost cramp in Genting Sempah 😭

BRM600 K. Selangor – knee pain from 100km 😣 luckily helped by others teammate to pull 🤗

BRM200 Simpang Pulai – easy go Gua Musang but hard to back. Take 3 hrs to climb back to Cameron 😖 Bonk!

BRM400 Melaka – Wet Audax ever. Whole body get wet and dirty for 18 hrs 😫. Pull too long till last 10km bonk myself 😵

Conclusion : No matter how strong you are. Mentally more important than physical to complete Audax.
This is not a race. We make friendship and enjoy food and scenery along the journey.
Looking forward to 2018 Audax


BRM400 Malacca was my 2nd BRM after BRM600 in Sept 2017 and now I understand why some people said 400km is tougher than 600km. Thank you Sam and the team for organizing such a wonderful event. Congratulations to all the finishers and for those who failed due to whatever reasons, do try again next time.
Just a short reflection of my wonderful experience in this event. Drove down from KL with another friend in the wee hours on the event date. Weather forecast was unpleasant and we knew its gonna be a challenge to finish the event. We were riding slowly behind other riders because I do not want to push too hard as my friend is a 1st timer in Audax. First hiccup was slight confusion of cue sheet vs strava map before km 28.8 where we decided to turn back and wasted 10km effort. Then, I got to replace my friend’s rear tube in the pouring rain at km65. The rear tube then punctured again just before reaching Segamat and she decided to call it a day. I continue riding solo & fast and missed the 1 CP until someone prompted me when I stopped for a pee. I turned back and wasted another 8km effort. 400km is challenging because the allocated time deprived you from having adequate sleep. The most thrilling part of the entire ride was when riding solo deep into the night passing through palm oil estate’s winding road in pitch-dark and dead silent surrounding . My years of sleeping goose bumps suddenly aroused when I passed by Chinese cemetery at both sides of the road. The sudden injection of adrenaline were felt thru my veins. LOL. I managed to reach CP2 Kluang at 10.45pm. After CP2, I met Nigel and Daniel’s group and Nigel invited me to join in. Also met Johan. It was such a nice gesture because without them, I wouldn’t have the courage to ride solo in the pouring rain n thx for the pull. We managed to maintain good speed throughout and completed the event at 7.34am with 3.5 hours to spare. Thanks everyone for the wonderful ride and looking forward to the next event.

It was supposed to be an easy BRM 400. The climb is not as steep as last year Pedu Lake but with no ending rain, strong wind, no ending straight road, you need a strong mental to conquer it. Farhan ZamriAliff Afzan, Zubir and myself DID it with 2 hours to spare. Congrat to Others too who manage to complete it.

Team AKCU wishes to thank Sam and his entire Audax crew for organizing the BRM400 ride…


Ooi Wai Loon added 10 new photos — feeling grateful with Sam Tow.

7 mths did not cycle due to my hand injury, I’m back for the new season starting with BRM400.

Almost half of the time is raining. Bless that I managed to complete the ride within the time frame.

This is the 7 Audax event for 2017. Good ending for the year. God bless.



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