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The Pink Ride: BRM200

Ladies ride for FREE. You will still get your homologation number from ACP and we will pay that for you!

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Kapar – Sekinchan – Kampong Soeharto – Ijok – Kapar


Date: Jan 28, 2018

Ride time: 05.00am – 06:30pm

Meet up point/ Finishing point: Open carpark at Jalan Kerayong 1, Kapar.


Open Carpark at Jalan Kerayong 1, Kapar
(5.00am – 6.00am)

Petron, Sekinchan
(6.58am – 8.47am)

Restaurant Sajian Desa, Sungai Tengi
(9.48am – 2.23pm)

Open Carpark at Jalan Kerayong 1, Kapar
(1.10pm – 6.30pm)




1. STARTING POINT: There is a 24hr Mamak restaurant opposite the starting point. However, they now only operate until 11pm. We have already informed them about our event but we cannot guarantee they will open overnight. So, PLEASE PREPARE SOME FOOD before you reach the starting point. (no other restaurant within 5km of starting point)

2. 0-3km : after turning onto the main road, beware of uneven surface at KM0.2 – KM3. PLEASE DO NOT SPEED and take care of each others.

3. KM24.5 : For non-Muslim riders, you can find an early chicken rice shop on your right. You may have your breakfast here if you don’t eat at the starting point.

4. KM26.7: For Muslim riders, you can stop at Kuala Selangor to refill. There are 2-3 Mamak restaurants opposite Kuala Selangor McD. (the starting point of our previous BRM600)

5. KM40-KM50: Please beware of uneven road surface / construction road work and partial road closure. Please ride in single file and be safe!

6. KM54.2: ★★★ [RELOCATION OF CHECKPOINT 1] ★★★ – After the Recce, we decided to relocate CP1 to a new petrol station (Petron) at KM54.8. Our initial plan at Petronas is not suitable as there is construction road work in front of it. PLEASE TAKE NOTE.

7. KM75.8: (refer to Cue sheet) – road sign to Sungai Panjang had been demolished. When you turn right after the traffic light, you will see a road sign to <Tanjung Malim>.

8. KM87.5: REFILL STOP! Please eat before you proceed further. Long, flat and straight road ahead.

9. KM140.9: ★★★ [RELOCATION OF CHECKPOINT 2] ★★★ – Please proceed to Restaurant Sajian Desa to stamp your brevet card. The boss is friendly and they serve nice Nasi Lemak and a MUST-TRY Nasi Ambeng!

10. KM200.0 – KM200.3: a short stretch of uneven road passing by a waste collection site. During the Recce we found that it’s OK to ride, probably because Sunday they don’t work.

11. KM202.2: ★★★beware of big potholes!★★★please be extra careful while you re on your way back especially when it rains! 5KM more to the finishing point!


In the new Season (YEAR 2018), we request all participants to follow strictly the rules set by Audax Club Parisien (ACP). We were informed that ACP may send out International Randonneurs to join our local BRMs or set up secret checkpoint without our notice.

no support vehicles are permitted on the course. Support vehicles are ONLY ALLOWED AT EACH CHECKPOINT. Riders will be disqualified if seen to have support from the vehicle.

STRICTLY FOLLOW CUT OFF TIME: Only riders who complete the route within cut off time will be given homologation numbers.

**ACP medal will not be sold to riders who complete after cut off time. However, we will prepare our own Finisher keychain medal for sale for RM30.


1. REFILL STOP: Please refill at KM87-93 as there is no shop available from KM93 to KM130 (Kampong Soeharto).

2. Bring your Powerbank with you to charge your phone, GPS device and most important your FRONT and REAR LIGHT.

3. Take more photos and ENJOY THE RIDE! ★

****”We might have Secret Checkpoints somewhere along the route. Any riders who deviate away from the official route and miss this Secret Checkpoint will be disqualified.

**Our crew may reach checkpoint later than the opening time, riders who reach first can get a receipt from local store (to show location and time) and our crew will stamp your card at the finishing point.

**All riders must get their brevet cards stamped within the time above at each checkpoint.

Please take note that the distance in KM are merely indicative according to GPS. As with any other GPS devices, there are bound to be inaccuracy and discrepancies.


Reminder of BRM rules:

We advise all first-time BRM participants to read all Rules of Brevet de Randonneurs Mondiaux (…/322%20-%20Rules%20of%2…)

All participants are advised to print out cue sheet for reference.

There will be no marshal or road sign provided along the course. Riders are expected to study the route and to print out The Cue Sheet attached.

Riders must stay on the route (refer cue sheet attached). If a rider leaves the route, he/she must return to the route at the same point prior to continuing, ie. no shortcuts or detours from the route.

All bikes must be equipped with front and rear lights. Rear blinker must be on at all times.

At the finishing point, riders must sign their brevet cards and return to the committee. Finishing medals are available for purchase at the finishing point for RM50 each (1 purchase for 1 participant). Those wishing to purchase a medal should mark their brevet card accordingly.

Riders who completed the course will receive a homologation number. You will need to keep that number for future participation at PBP 2019.

Reminder: all Audax BRMs are self supported. Audax Randonneurs Malaysia will not provide food/drink and sweeper vehicle along the course.




F.O.C. for all lady riders. You will still get your homologation number if you complete the ride. We will pay to ACP to get homologation number for you.
RM50.00 for online registration before January 23, 2018 at 12.00pm.
RM70.00 for on-site registration (limited slot available)
RM35.00 for Event Tee (order closing date: January 12, 2018 at 12.00pm)

*We request all entrants to send us an email to with the attachment of payment slip.

** The above registration fee does not include medal. Commemorative medals for each brevet are available for purchase. Those wishing to purchase a medal should mark their brevet card accordingly. Payment of RM50 is required at the finish.

** We do not make the medals ourselves. All medals are ordered from ACP France.

Please make direct payment to the following bank:
Hong Leong Bank
Account no.: 338-00-03111-1
Account Name: Jam Jar & Jazz Design Studio

By confirmation of payment, the participant agrees to abide by the rules and regulations of Audax Club Parisien. All entries are NOT transferable nor refundable.



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