Audax Workshop 2.0


Our new BRM season has just begun and the next Challenging BRM200 will be held on 19 November 2017. This qualifying BRM200 is organized by Audax Randonneurs Malaysia and it is by far the toughest BRM200 with 4,700m Elevation Gain. The route is very challenging to all of us, and some may think it is too hard to ride. Therefore our Audax committee has decided to organize a training / knowledge sharing workshop for all our Randonneurs.

Entre Fee: FOC (Free Off Charge for 50 pax on a first come first served basis)
Registration here

The topics that will be covered are as below:

1. Introduction to Audax
2. How to Prepare mandatory items and bike settings
3. How to sustain accent hills
4. Basic Performance cycling skills
5. Training plan

The speakers as below:
1. Johan Sopiee (on behalf of Sam Tow) – brief introduction of Audax
2. Ray Lee – Committee of Audax Malaysia/ Ultra long distance cyclist & runner
3. Jessen Lee
Level 2 Sports Science Coach, specializing in cycling skills and performance, triathlon and general physical fitness.
Certified by Majlis Sukan Negara, PMBIA, and ITU, he also conducts group and personal coaching sessions under The Ride School for road, off-road cycling, and triathlon for all levels. With 20 years of training, racing, and coaching experience, he passionately shares his love for sports with the community.

The training workshop will be held at Apple Physiotherapy Center. Cyclists who want to know more about rehab and treatment, our friends from Apple Physiotherapy Center will be happy to help. Free assessment & consultation will be provided by the professional staff.

Any inquiry kindly contact as below
+60 17 383 6022 – Ray Lee



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