Paris-Brest-Paris 2023

“The next session of Paris-Brest-Paris will be held next year from August 19 to 24. The rules will be roughly the same as last sessions. Pre registrations in early 2023 will help riders to enter PBP and to be able to choose easily their favourite starting time. To pre-register, riders will have to use the longest BRM ridden from November 2021 and October 2022. The starting point is not yet decided but Rambouillet should be the final decision. I will let you know as soon as possible.”

Jean-Gualbert Faburel
Audax Club Parisien


15-18 September 2022


7:00am (Thursday 15/9)


10:00am (Sunday 18/9)


RM325 (with T-shirt)

RM300 (without T-shirt)

Inclusive of finisher lanyard, brevet card, waterproof Audaxious zip lock wallet, sticker and frame tag, bag drop service* and ACP homologation number.

*Bag drop service provided at CP#2 Gerik, CP#5 Alor Setar, CP#7 Parit


Gerai Kak Yang Restaurant & Catering, Tanjung Malim

Lot 567, Kampung Berop 35900 Tanjong Malim, Perak



BRM Series Jersey


REMINDER! All our jerseys are Asian fit which is smaller than most European brands.
If you are right on the border or between sizes, please order at least one size up.

Other BRM series jerseys are also available, please Whatsapp 010-3388101 (Hakim) to purchase.


  1. Audaxious BRM series Jersey RM255
  2. Event Finisher T Shirt RM55
  3. Audaxious bike light RM165 RM135
  4. Audaxious “KEEP RIDING” socks RM25
  5. ARM bike tool RM65 RM45
  6. ARM face mask RM15
  7. ARM cycling wallet RM35 RM25
  8. Bundle – Bottles & Socks RM40

Event Finisher T Shirt

[UPDATES] Are you ready for the challenge? It is the longest Audax BRM this month and you will have the chance to travel up north to Gerik, Baling, Pedu Lake (amazing scenery), Perlis, Alor Setar etc. Almost 90% of the route was ridden in the previous BRMs, there are a few places where you need to take extra precautions: –

1. You will be expected to arrive Gerik in the evening (252km). After checkpoint 2, you will ride through Jalan Baling – Gerik (beautiful Gunung Kerunai scenery but you won’t see it at night). Please be extra careful while climbing here; there is no emergency / motorbike lane so you will expect trucks/bus driving very close to the road side. You will need to wear your reflective vest and at least 2 blinkers/bike if you are riding at night. Please regroup in Gerik and climb with your team mates. While going downhill, please go slow. There are potholes on the road at KM290 – KM296. The downhill part is very tricky / steep – those who use high profile wheelset, you will expect very strong crosswind at the hill top and please decent carefully and slow – after all it is just 300km and you will need to reserve your energy for the next few days.

2. After the climb, you might want to put up a night in Baling town. Please refill in Baling town (320km) before you proceed to the long climb at Pedu Lake (amazing scenery if you arrive here at 7am) and Sintok (460km) as you will hardly find a shop to refill. There are some Gerai located at KM372 – KM378 (open at 6am) and you could stop there for authentic local breakfast.

3. Bag drop service – Please prepare only 1 bag/rider. Your belongings must be properly packed in a bag, no plastic bag or luggage. Bag drop location: CP#2 (KM257), CP#5 (KM601) and CP#7 (KM805). The same bags will be carried to the 3 checkpoints and return to the finishing point on Sunday 10am.

4. Unmanned Checkpoints – CP#4 Caltex, Persiaran Jubli Emas and CP#8, Pekan Simpang Empat. Please stamp your brevet card by the Petrol station staff.

5. The last 100km (riding at night) from Simpang Empat to Kampung Soeharto stretch, you will expect no shop to refill at night. So please refill at the last CP#8 before you leave the town.

6. Brevet Card collection: We have only 110 riders this time so you can collect the brevet card on the actual day (Thursday) at the starting point from 5am-7am. Or if you are nearby in Petaling Jaya, we will be here in the office (The Strand, Kota Damansara) at 5pm – 7pm for the collection on Wednesday.

See you soon!

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