The Tandem Randonneurs

“Malaysia’s First Visually Impaired Cyclist who completed BRM200”

Tan Boon Kiat (BK) was the first visually impaired person (VIP) in Malaysia to complete the Audax 200.  He was captained by Samantha Richards (Sam), from the UK.  In 2016, BK took up cycling as a hobby with other VIPs.  They met in 2018 when she volunteered at a tandem event. She was captivated by the challenge of handling such a big bike and the joy cycling brought to the VIPs. Since then, they have developed the passion for riding longer endurance rides.  They have been welcomed and encouraged by friends in various cycling groups.  In 2020, they completed the Audax 200 in just under 10 hours and are looking forward to a new, post-pandemic Audax challenge.

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