Audax BRM Country / Club Ranking


Congratulations to all Malaysian Randonneurs as every kilometre you pedalled have contributed qualifying mileage and got ARM to be the #1 club in the world and overall world ranking #9! Every qualifying kilometre counts. The more you ride, the more Glorious and Well Know Audax in Malaysia becomes. The more the world hears about Audax Randonneurs Malaysia, they will know Malaysia is a force to be reckoned within the Audax World. Viva La Audax Randonneurs Malaysia!


This is why you should ride Audax qualifying BRMs. Every kilometre counts. In 2019 at PBP, Audax Randonneurs Malaysia (ARM) was awarded a special recognition by ACP because each and every Randonneur who cycled in Malaysia contributed and got ARM to be the 2nd top organizer in The World (Qualifying Mileage) and also the faster growing Audax country in PBP. We did it because each and every one of you contributed qualifying mileages as you participate in Homologated BRMs in Malaysia. Let’s take this to greater heights in 2020!

Audax BRM World Ranking

YEARBRM ResultCountry RankingClub Ranking
2020Download 9th / 54 1st / 410
2019 Download 15th / 58 2nd / 687
2018 Download 15th / 58 4th / 605
2017 Download 16th / 55 76th / 519
2016 Download 25th / 53 247th / 469
Click the ranking to download full result.

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