Holla Randonneurs!
Pink ride is ARM’s annual ride in January. As usual, ladies get to ride for FREE and we will bare the cost of your homologation numbers given by Audax Club Parisien!

Due to MCO 2.0, we have postponed our annual Pink Ride 4.0 to March and we decided to make it an OPEN BRM200 for all riders! We are not allowed to travel interstate, therefore all riders could choose your own route within the same state and submit results online to us and get homologated. All riders are advised to strictly obey the RULES below:

  1. Participants shall obey all applicable traffic rules as well as the SOP imposed by the government during CMCO/RMCO;
  2. Practice social distancing, avoid mass gathering while you stop for refill;
  3. Plan your own route – distance must be not less than 190km;
  4. Toll Road / Highway is strictly Prohibited. This includes Plus, GCE, Latar, Lekas and all other major toll operated highway. Strava result submitted showing toll highway routes will be disqualified.
  5. Cut off time: 13.5 hours. You could choose to ride anytime from March 5 to April 4, 2021;
  6. Doing the same loops multiple times are not allowed;
  7. Group ride must not exceed 10 riders;
  8. bring your IC and face mask while you go for the ride;
  9. practice distancing among riders and fully self-supported.

How to proceed:

  1. Plan your own ride. It could be a group ride of not more than 10 riders or a solo ride.
  2. Riders who have registered for Pink Ride 4.0 in January, your participation slot will be transferred to this ride. NEW registration please click HERE. Fee: RM50/pax. (Ladies ride for FREE)
  3. Submit your result HERE before 12.00 noon, April 5, 2021. Results submitted after the due date will not be homologated.
  4. Riders who had already ridden in January and submitted result to us, please DO NOT submit again. Names that appear double in the homologation list will be removed and not getting homologated.
  5. In the result submission page, PLEASE fill up with the name you used for registration.
  6. All riders are required to submit STRAVA link with Elapsed time of the ride in the submission form.
  7. ARM will submit the results to ACP to get homologation numbers for finishers.
  8. Official BRM200 medals (for finishers only) and other merchandised are available for sale in the result submitting page. All merchandizes could also be purchased in ARM office in Kota Damansara, Selangor.

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