Cycling Accessories

“100th Anniversary” Cycling Bottle

Price: RM35/piece

Audaxious Rechargeable Bike Light

Price: RM165/piece

Handlebar Mirror

Price: RM15/piece

Windproof Gilet

Price: RM85/piece

Audaxious “KEEP RIDING” Socks

Price: RM25/pair

Sam Browne Reflective Belt

Price: RM25/piece

Cycling Wallet

Price: RM35/piece RM25

Waterproof Brevet Card / Phone Case

Price: RM15/piece

Pocket Chain Lube

Price: RM-/piece

Arm Warmers

Price: RM-/pair

Cycling Cap

Price: RM-/piece

After Ride

“100th Anniversary” Camping Mug

Price: RM35/piece

Audaxious Cap

Price: RM35/piece

Travel Bag

Price: RM55/piece

Audax BRM Acrylic Set
Price: RM25/piece

Button Badge
Price: RM10/piece

“100th Anniversary” Commemorative Key Chain Set

Price: RM15/piece

Degreaser and Bike Wash Set

Price: RM55/set

Custom Shoppe

Pre-order Only*

Acrylic Medal Display Cases (with Rider’s Name)
Price: RM65/piece

Medal Display Frame (with Rider’s Name)
Price: RM85/piece

Finisher’s Crystal Trophy (with Rider’s Name)
Price: RM65/piece

*to order the above customized items, please proceed HERE.

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