Holla Randonneurs!
Pink ride is ARM’s annual ride in January. As usual, ladies get to ride for FREE and we will bare the cost of your homologation numbers given by Audax Club Parisien!

Due to the restriction of CMCO, we decided to hold this year’s Pink Ride 4.0 in 5 different areas and participants can select riding date and time (maximum 10 riders in a group) and submit your result to us within 24 hours after completing the ride.

1. Participants shall obey all applicable traffic rules as well as the SOP imposed by the government during CMCO;
2. Practice social distancing, avoid mass gathering while you stop for refill;
3. Cut off time: 13.5 hours.
4. Bring you IC and face mask while you go for the ride;
5. Reflective vest and front/rear light is compulsory while riding in the dark;
5. Practice distancing among riders and fully self-supported.

[UPDATES 03/01/21]

We have received tons of messages from riders in regards to the registration time slots and dates which are almost full and some have no choice but to ride on weekdays. We also realized that many audax beginners who rode on their own on the first day of pink ride did not really enjoy it without the guidance from the experienced randonneurs during the ride. We think this has defeated the purpose of having Pink Ride where the beginners could not experience the real audax spirit with the other experienced randonneurs. Therefore, our committee has decided to make the following changes:-

1. Actual dates for Pink Ride 4.0
SELANGOR – Contact Person: Sam Tow
PENANG – Contact Person: 邱繼學
– 17, 31 January 2021

JOHORE – Contact Person: Azman Bilaji
EAST COAST – Contact Person: Soon Kwang Ea
– 9, 16, 23 January 2021

2. Riders who registered earlier may ride on any of the dates above, following the time slot you registered.

3. If you would like to stick to your previous plan, you may do so. However, there will be no crew at the starting and finishing point. You will need to scan the QR code before and after the ride at the main entrance door of Audax HQ (36, Jalan PJU5/20D, The Strand Kota Damansara).

4. Audax BRM200 special 100th-anniversary medals have arrived. It’s a facsimile of the first BRM medal in 1921. You can purchase one at the finishing point of the above 2 dates. (limited to 200 pieces only)

How to proceed

  1. Participants to selected route provided. (see below)
  2. Cut off time: 13.5 hours. Participants can select a riding dates in the registration form (any date from 1st – 31st January 2021). Maximum 10 riders are allowed in one group. Each group will be flagged off at a different time:
    • 5.00am – 6.30pm
    • 5.30am – 7.00pm
    • 6.00am – 7.30pm
    • 6.30am – 8.00pm
    • 7.00am – 8.30pm
    • 7.30am – 9.00pm
    • 8.00am – 9.30pm
  3. Participants need to select the above starting time in the registration form. Once the slot has reached a maximum of 10 registrants, the slot will no longer available and you need to choose other time slots or dates.
  4. Riders need to arrive starting point no later than 15 minutes and scan the QR code at the starting point and key in their names. At each checkpoint, scan the MySejahtera QR code as a proof of arrival. After completing the route, scan the same QR code at finishing point and fill up your name again. Participants need to upload their Strava / Garmin or equivalent result to the result upload page. Please provide Surname, First name and Elapsed time (eg: key in 11:38 if you compete in 11hours 38minutes) and postage address in the result form. Screenshots of MySejahtera check-in are required for checkpoint arrival proof. Event T shirt (RM45) and acrylic medal (RM25) can be purchased at the same page.
  5. ACP medals are optional. Only finishers are entitled to purchase ACP medals. Price is RM50/medal. Non-finishers can still purchase event T-shirt and acrylic medals.
  6. All finishers will get homologation numbers in February.

Event Polyester T-shirt

Route Selection

Route A: Kota Damansara – Tanjung Malim – Kampung Soeharto – Bestari Jaya
Starting Point: Audax Malaysia HQ, 36 Jalan PJU5/20D. The Strand, Kota Damansara
Checkpoint 1: McDonald’s, Rawang
Checkpoint 2: Petron, Hulu Bernam
Checkpoint 3: BHPetrol, Sungai Tengi
Finishing Point: The Strand, Kota Damansara

Route B: Seberang Perai – Kulim – Selama – Karangan – Seberang Perai
Starting Point: McDonald’s, Bandar Perda DT
Checkpoint 1: Shell, Selama
Checkpoint 2: BHPetrol, Rantau Panjang
Checkpoint 3: Shell, Padang Serai
Finishing Point: McDonald’s, Bandar Perda DT

Route C: Kulai – Ayer Hitam – Rengit – PEKAN NANAS- Kulai
Starting Point: McDonald’s, Saleng
Checkpoint 1: BHPetrol, Simpang Rengam
Checkpoint 2: Nasi Ayam Ali, Rengit
Checkpoint 3: Petronas, Pekan Nanas
Finishing Point: McDonald’s, Saleng

For further assistance, please contact Southern BRM organizer Team Kulai or Azman Bilaji at Facebook messenger.

Route D: Kuala Dungun – Marang – Ajil – Bukit Besi – Kuala Dungun
Starting Point: Shell, Jalan Paka, Kuala Dungun
Checkpoint 1: Caltex, Marang
Checkpoint 2: Petron, Jerangau
Checkpoint 3: Plaza Restoran dan Rehat (R&R) Bandar Al-Muktafi Billah Shah
Finishing Point: Shell, Jalan Paka, Kuala Dungun

Route E: Sabah
Stating Point: 7-11, Melinsung
Checkpoint 1: Sawangan Jetty
Checkpoint 2: Batu Luang
Checkpoint 3: Beaufort Pomelo Roundabout
Finishing Point: 7-11, Melinsung

For further assistance, please contact Borneo BRM organizer via email at

Pink Ride 4.0 (January)

OPEN BRM200 -Pink Ride 4.0 (March)

2 thoughts on “PINK RIDE 4.0

  1. How to buy medal and shirt.

    I have completed pink ride last saturday 2/1/2021 route c. but cannot upload result and did not see any form to buy the medal.

    How to buy medal and shirt?


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